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Table of Contents
SECTION ONE: ALLAH IS GOD Chapter 1: Who is that Mystery God? Part I Chapter 2: Who is that Mystery God? Part II Chapter 3: Is God a Spirit or a Man? Chapter 4: The Coming of God: Is He a Man or a Spirit? Chapter 5: The Origin of God as a Spirit and Not a Man Chapter 6: The Coming of the Son of Man, The Great Mahdi Chapter 7: The Coming of Allah (God) Chapter 8: The Coming of God and The Gathering Together of His People Chapter 9: The Coming of the Son of Man Chapter 10: The Infidels are Angry Chapter 11: Allah, The Best Knower Chapter 12: The Days of Allah Chapter 13: If God was your Father, you would Love Me Chapter 14: Persecution follows the Coming of God Chapter 15: The So-Called Negroes Salvation Chapter 16: Allah is Judging Today Chapter 17: Submit to Allah (God) and Fear Not SECTION TWO: ORIGINAL MAN Chapter 18: Know Thyself Chapter 19: First Love Yourself Chapter 20: Understand Self Chapter 21: Help Self before Helping Others Chapter 22: What the So-Called Negro Must do for Himself Chapter 23: Get Knowledge to Benefit Self Chapter 24: Knowledge of Yourself Chapter 25: If the Civilized Man Fails to Perform his Duty What Must be Done? Chapter 26: Accept Your Own Chapter 27: We Must Teach Our Own Chapter 28: Blackman, Accept Your Own Chapter 29: Who is the Original Man? Chapter 30: A Good Name is Better than Gold Chapter 31: Help Self: What Must be Done with the Negroes Chapter 32: The Black Woman Chapter 33: Protect and Elevate Your Woman Chapter 34: The So-Called Negro Must Do Something for Himself Chapter 35: Birth Control Death Plan Chapter 36: Plan to Destroy Our Race SECTION THREE: ISLAM Chapter 37: What is Islam? Chapter 38: Meaning of Islam Chapter 39: The Principles of Islam Chapter 40: Islam, Only True Religion of God Chapter 41: The True Religion of God Part I Chapter 42: The True Religion of God Part II Chapter 43: Everything has Failed Chapter 44: Islam for the So-Called Negroes Chapter 45: Make All Things New Chapter 46: Islam Dignifies SECTION FOUR: THE BIBLE AND HOLY QUR'AN Chapter 47: The Bible and Holy Quran: Which One Contains the Words of God? Chapter 48: The Bible Chapter 49: The Knowledge of Bible and Holy Quran Chapter 50: The Glorious Holy Quran Sharrieff Chapter 51: The Bible and Holy Quran: Which one is right? Chapter 52: Truth SECTION FIVE: THE DEVIL Chapter 53: Devils Fool and Disgrace You Chapter 54: Truth of Guilty Made Known Chapter 55: The Making of Devil Chapter 56: Serpent Chapter 57: The Beast Part I Chapter 58: The Beast Part II Who is Able to Make War with Him? Chapter 59: The Blood Shedder Chapter 60: Not Your Brother Chapter 61: Will White Christians Accept Islam? Chapter 62: The White Race's False Claim to Be Divine, Chosen People SECTION SIX: PRAYER SERVICE Chapter 63: Prayer in Islam Chapter 64: The Significance of Prayer Chapter 65: Muslim Prayer Service and It's Meaning Chapter 66: Time of Prayer and It's Meaning Chapter 67: The Morning Prayer Chapter 68: The Preparations and it's Meaning Chapter 69: The Opening Chapter 70: Knowledge of Prayer Chapter 71: Prayers to Pray Chapter 72: A Prayer for the Messenger Chapter 73: Confidence Gained Through Prayers SECTION SEVEN: PROGRAM AND POSITION Chapter 74: What Do the Muslims Want? Chapter 75: Explanation of What Muslims Want and Believe Chapter 76: A Program for Self-Development Chapter 77: Put Muslim Program to Congress Chapter 78: An Economic Blueprint Chapter 79: To Gain a Place in the Sun Chapter 80: What is Un-American? Chapter 81: Misunderstanding and Misinterpretation SECTION EIGHT: ECONOMIC PROGRAM Chapter 82: To Help Fight Against Poverty and Want Chapter 83: A Sound Economic Plan I Chapter 84: The Economic Program II Chapter 85: Up! You Can Accomplish What You Will! Chapter 86: The World Hails the New Economic Program Chapter 87: Separation! Independence! SECTION NINE: THE PERSECUTION OF THE RIGHTEOUS Chapter 88: Persecution of the Faithful Chapter 89: We Seek Truth and Justice Chapter 90: Were Muslims Framed to Whitewash The Guilty? Chapter 91: Right to Peaceful Assembly Denied to So-Called American Negroes Chapter 92: The Right of Self-Defense SECTION TEN: LAND OF OUR OWN AND QUALIFICATIONS Chapter 93: The Unity of 22 Million Chapter 94: How Can We Unite? Chapter 96: A House of Our Own Chapter 97: Do We Have the Qualified Men and Women for Self - Government? Chapter 98: Separate and Be Saved Chapter 99: We Must Have Some Earth - And Soon Chapter 100: A Nation of Our Own Chapter 101: A Nation Within A Nation Chapter 102: For Freedom, Justice, Equality Chapter 103: Our Day is Near at Hand Chapter 104: The Flag of U.S.A. and Islam Chapter 105: The True Solution Chapter 106: A Rule We Must Live By Chapter 107: Truths To Set You Free Chapter 108: On Sport and Play SECTION ELEVEN: HYPOCRITES, DISBELIEVER'S AND OBEDIENCE Chapter 109: We Need Not Have Fear For Future Chapter 110: Beware of False Prophets Chapter 111: On Hypocrites Chapter 112: Beware of False Promises Chapter 113: The Teaching Of The Holy Qur-an On Obedience Chapter 114: Victory of the Apostle SECTION TWELVE: THE JUDGEMENT Chapter 115: On Universal Corruption Chapter 116: The Break - Up of The Old World! Chapter 117: The Day Of America's Doom Chapter 118: America is Falling Her Doom is Sealed Chapter 119: The Decline of the Dollar Chapter 120: The Resurrection of Our People Chapter 121: Make America Know Her Sins Chapter 122: A House Doomed to Fall Chapter 123: The Fulfillment of Prophecies Seen Chapter 124: Rise and Fall of The Christian World Chapter 125: Battle in the Sky is Near Chapter 126: The Great Decisive Battle in The Sky Chapter 127: The Battle in The Sky Chapter 128: Regrets of The Doubters Chapter 129: Time Is At Hand Chapter 130: Will You Be The Winner? Chapter 131: Build Your Own Society Chapter 132: The Hereafter SECTION THIRTEEN: ANSWER TO CRITICS Chapter 133: My Mission is To Give Life Chapter 134: The Great Deceivers Chapter 135: Clarification of Confusion Surronding Muslims Chapter 136: Reply to a Judge Chapter 137: What the Muslims Teach : Father to a Son Chapter 138: Authority From Allah, None Other Chapter 139: Answer to Christian Knights of The Ku Klux Klan Chapter 140: A Guide to Understanding the Bible Chapter 141: A Guide to Understanding the Holy Quran