How To Eat To Live Book II - Table of Contents



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Table of Contents
Part I: Guide To Proper Eating Chapter 1: A Return To Long Life Chapter 2: How To keep Food From Hurting Us Chapter 3: Lengthen Your Life Chapter 4: Live Long Chapter 5: Do Not Eat Forbidden Food Chapter 6: Proper Foods, Spiritually and Physically Chapter 7: Abundancy Of Life Chapter 8: Experience The Venturing From Right Food Part II: Times Of Eating And Fasting Chapter 9: The Benefits Of Eating Once A Day Chapter 10: Train Yourself To Eat As Allah Has Advised Chapter 11: The Key To Better Health Chapter 12: Do Not Eat Between Meals Chapter 13: Fasting, Eating Right Foods, Keys To Long Life Chapter 14: Fasting Chapter 15: Fasting Is Prescribed Chapter 16: One Meal A Day Part III: Types Of Foods To Eat Chapter 17: Meat Is Against Life Chapter 18: Eat The Best Of Things Chapter 19: Try and Eat Fresh Foods Chapter 20: Simple Foods Are Best Chapter 21: Do Not Eat Scavengers Chapter 22: Always Prepare A Good Meal Chapter 23: Cooked Food Is Better Chapter 24: Natural Food Chapter 25: Food Robbed Of Natural Vitamins Chapter 26: Do Not Ignore Divine Law Part IV: Pig, Pork or Swine Chapter 27: Hog made of Cat, Rat and Dog Chapter 28: Hog Divinely Prohibited Chapter 29: Swine Eats Anything Chapter 30: Pork Contains Worms (Trichinae) Chapter 31: The Truth about Pork (The Pig) Chapter 32: Know Truth about Flesh of the Swine Chapter 33: Stop Eating It Chapter 34: Hog Chapter 35: The Pig is Poison Part V: Meat, Beasts or Flesh Chapter 36: No Meat Is Good For Us Chapter 37: Eat To Live And Not To Die Chapter 38: They Eat As the Beast Eats (Holy Qur-an) Chapter 39: Animal Flesh? Chapter 40: Meat Is Never Intended For Man To Eat Part VI: Proper Food Preparation Chapter 41: Cook Thoroughly Done Chapter 42: Eat Properly Prepared Food Chapter 43: Cook Food Correctly Part VII: Doctors, Sickness and Health Chapter 44: You Cannot Replace Stomach Chapter 45: Prolong Your Life Chapter 46: Do Not Need Drugs If We Live Right Chapter 47: Doctor Falls Victim Of Same Sickness Chapter 48: Best Preventative Against Death Chapter 49: Some Doctors Know Chapter 50: Medical Teaching Based On Three Meals A Day Chapter 51: Many Ailments can be cured Chapter 52: Not Always Doctor And Drug Store Bills Chapter 53: Doctors Live Same Years As Patients Chapter 54: Destroy Sickness And Disease Chapter 55: Digest Properly Chapter 56: Long Intervals Between Eating Is Better Chapter 57: An Economic Plan For All