Our Savior Has Arrived - Table of Contents




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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: The Black Man Must Know the Truth Chapter 2: The Sure Truth Chapter 3: Knowledge of Time Chapter 4: The Hidden Truth Chapter 5: Time Chapter 6: Truth Chapter 7: Time Has Arrived That Allah Will Fulfill His Promise Chapter 8: Never Taught A True Knowledge of God Chapter 9: The Truth and Our Mistakes Chapter 10: I Want To Teach You Chapter 11: The Knowledge of God Himself (Savior’s Day, February 26, 1969) Chapter 12: Allah, God, The Supreme Being Chapter 13: God In Person, Not A Spirit! Chapter 14: The Light Of Allah Chapter 15: The Days Of Allah Chapter 16: Day Of The Resurrection of Dead So- Called Negroes Has Arrived Chapter 17: A Few White People Are Muslims By Faith Chapter 18: Be Yourself Chapter 19: The Black Man Chapter 20: Why Black Man Should Be Called By The Names of God Chapter 21: Black And White Worlds Near A Showdown Chapter 22: The World Chapter 23: He (Allah) Makes All Things New Chapter 24: God Helps Those Who Help Themselves! Chapter 25: Islam Will Unite Black Chapter 26: The Will of Allah is Being Done! Chapter 27: Friendship Of Allah (God) Chapter 28: Christianity Versus Islam Chapter 29: Mary, Joseph, and Jesus Chapter 30: "And We Made The Son Of Mary And His Mother A Sign..." Chapter 31: The Christian Holidays Chapter 32: Whose Christmas? Chapter 33: Christmas! Chapter 34: Days Of The Son Of Man; Confusion Of Nations Chapter 35: Being Ashamed Of Your Own God Chapter 36: Islam: A Unifying Religion Chapter 37: Submit To Allah (Their God) Chapter 38: The Cruel Days Of The Lord Chapter 39: Certainty Of The Punishment Chapter 40: The Angry World Chapter 41: The World's, The Two Camps Chapter 42: The Threatened Day Chapter 43: Old World Going Out, New World Coming In Chapter 44: The Great Day Chapter 45: Revelation Guide All Right