The Flag of Islam

Chapter - The Sun - The Freedom


The significance of the SUN in our Flag is its Freedom of light, warmth, heat and life and vitamins of life. Allah (God) uses the SUN to condemn slavery. The SUN covers the whole entire area of the Flag. It is represented by the red color of the Flag, the total background of the Flag. The fact that we are offered the SUN in our Flag means that Allah (God) is offering to us the entire Universe of man. For as the SUN covers all life and the whole of the nine spheres of planets that represent life - the SUN acts as a father and a God over life in its work of giving light and dispelling darkness. THE SUN provides us with its warming, heating and life-giving rays that serve as a grower and nurser of the physical Earth of our planet and of other planets. Without the SUN everything that is of the essence of nature, like our Earth, would come to a naught.

The SUN shines upon everything within her sphere of power. The Earth is on the average of 93 million miles from the SUN and the diameter of the SUN is 853,000 miles. Right straight through, it is a ball of fire.

The SUN is one of the most mysterious mysteries of man. It is a mystery where the SUN gets its fuel from It is a mystery whether or not it has any fuel other than just the Will of Allah to continue to cause it to burn from the beginning and until such time as He removes it as He will one day according to astronomers and scientists of religion.

The SUN is the source of our eyesight. The SUN grows our vegetation of the Earth regardless to what kind of vegetation it is. The SUN is the master of germinating all seeds. The SUN is so powerful and so life-giving that its light and heat is felt at any distance. It strikes an object and it causes that object that it touches, to rotate or it puts it into action.

As we know, according to astronomers, Platoon (Pluto) is 4,600,000,000 miles from the SUN. Platoon (Pluto) is the farthest and the last of the planets of the SUN. The SUN does not touch Platoon twelve (12) or twenty-four hours as she touches the Earth and yet Platoon gets enough SUN to make her rotate on her axis at the same rate of speed that we and other planets are making (1,037 1/3 miles per hour).

THE FLAG OF ISLAM is a powerful Flag. This is what I am trying to get you to understand and there is no nation in the SUN that owns a Flag the equal of the one that Allah (God) has offered to we the Lost-Found people of the Aboriginal Black Nation, direct members, sons and daughters of the Creator.

To give to a people the SUN as their Flag, this represents ownership from the beginning in the creation of the SUN for no nation can take over the SUN as an independent flag for that nation, unless they are the owner and that the SUN was created by them or by their fathers. We are declared to he children of the very Originator of the SUN. Since we are the children of the Originator of the SUN, then we do own the SUN for what Father owns, we own. What is HIS, is ours. To give this as a Flag to us it means that God is returning to us that which we originally owned from our Father of Creation. Allah (God) is making us a universally independent Nation. This is what the giving of the SUN to us as our Flag sums up to be. He is making us independent rulers and of all His precious creations of planets, the SUN is the most precious and the sun is the greatest gift of gifts.

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