The Flag of Islam

Chapter - The Flag of Islam


The Flag of Islam, given by Allah (God) to the Lost and Found in North America, represents the SUN, MOON and STARS. The SUN consists of fire, which is 853,000 miles in diameter, and on the average of 93,000,000 miles from the Earth. The SUN controls nine (9) planets with light and heat which give the planets energy and life. It represents Freedom.

The MOON is part of our Earth, it represents Equality.

The STAR is light that dispels the darkness of space and bears witness to the SUN. The STAR is without numbers in space. It represents all the stars of the Universe and it signifies Justice.

Allah (God) in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad to Whom Praises are due forever found us, His Black people here in North America which is spiritually referred to as the Wilderness of North America. He has power over the heaven and the Earth. He called us a Nation for the first time. This coincides with the Bible which refers to Him as making a Nation out of us Himself after He found us. Therefore He began at once calling us the Lost Found Nation of Islam in the Wilderness of North America. He brought to us a Flag to represent our independence as a Nation. He offered to us a Flag which represents an independent people.

All people, races and nations who are independent, are independent to exercise the authority of an independent nation under a flag designed by them for their state or country. We the Black people are often referred to as being the Lost-Found Nation in the Wilderness of North America.

Since our Flag has been given to us to represent us as an independent Nation, it is referred to in the words "The FLAG OF ISLAM." All this makes up the Flag of Islam which is the sphere of life in the whole Universe of space and man. The nature of its science is the greatness of the unlimited wisdom of the Designer, the great source of goodness for all that is under and in the Flag of Islam; the Freedom, the Justice, the Equality that is freely exercised by both believer and non believer under the Flag of Islam, which is revealed for the sole purpose of teaching the great unlimited source of mercy and love that the Designer has for His creatures. They all enjoy equally the natural benefits of the SUN, MOON and STARS (the Islamic Flag) which are essential for our existence regardless of religious belief. This Flag given to we, the Lost and Found, means that Allah is now making a new Nation to become the Master of the Universe under His guidance.

The blind, deaf and dumb of our Black people think that our Flag is just a word and they take it for mockery. But it is the truth that we are a Nation and we have a Flag and this is not to be taken as a mockery. Let us get at the significance and meaning of THE FLAG OF ISLAM.

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