Jabril's Letter to Silis 9/19/89


P.O. Box 6991
Phoenix, AZ 85082-6991
September 18, 1990

Brother Silis Muhammad
3040 Campbellton Road S.W.
Atlanta, GA 30311 


In the Holy Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Most Merciful.
I bear witness there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger.

Dear Brother Muhammad,

This letter comes to respond to a letter, dated September 4, 1989, by Minister Kuba AbuKuss, which is both a cover letter and an introduction to your writing, titled "Aaron, Why Did You Not Sit In My Seat?" Later in this letter, Brother, I am going to raise serious questions and thoroughly refute the justification of your question, which forms the title of your article, its theme and the basis of your arguments against Minister Louis Farrakhan.

In the fourth paragraph, of your article, you expressed concern that as a result of it, you were placing your life on the line. Why should that be? I certainly hope you have seen nothing in Minister Farrakhan, or we who follow him, that gave you that kind of concern. In fact, I would like to know why you expressed that kind of concern. I don't believe you can demonstrate, with truth, that Minister Farrakhan, or we who are with him, have ever acted in a hostile manner towards you, in the past twelve years.

The Honorable Louis Farrakhan has demonstrated the utmost of respect for others who differ with him. And he has consistently taught and urged respect for all life; especially since he arose twelve (12) years ago to lift the name and build on the foundation left by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and we who follow him, strive to abide by the clear teachings of the Holy Qur'an about how to differ (or be involved in intelligent argumentation) with others.

We try, Brother Muhammad, to follow the example of the Minister, as he—following in the foot steps of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad—fulfills these words of the Holy Qur'an (16:125):

"Call to the way of thy Lord with wisdom and goodly exhortation, and argue with them in the best manner. Surely thy Lord knows best him who strays from His path, and He knows best those who go aright."

Muhammad Ali writes, in his notes to this verse, the following:

#1408—"The principle laid down for preaching and religious controversy by the 'unlearned Arabian' has yet to be learned by the most advanced people, whose controversies are carried on with no other object than that of fault-finding, and whose preaching only aims at carping at others. It shows the breadth of mind of the Holy Prophet, more especially when it is remembered that the injunction was given at a time when the Muslims were being most severely persecuted and there was the greatest reason for adopting a harsh attitude."

By the way, the rest of that chapter also applies to this and future situations, like this one, that your article produces.

Yusuf Ali put the matter this way, in his translation and notes:

125) "Invite (all) to the Way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; And argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious: For thy Lord knoweth best, Who have strayed from His Path ... ."

#2161—"In this wonderful passage are laid down principles of religious teaching, which are good for all time. But where are the Teachers with such qualifications? We must invite all to the Way of God, and expound His Universal Will; we must do it with wisdom and discretion, meeting people on their own ground and convincing them with illustrations from their own knowledge and experience, which may be very narrow, or very wide. Our preaching must be, not dogmatic, not self-rewarding, not offensive, but gentle, considerate, and such as would attract their attention. Our manner and our arguments should not be acrimonious, but modeled on the most courteous and the most gracious example, so that the hearer may say to himself, "This man is not dealing merely with dialectics; he is not trying to get a rise out of me; he is sincerely expounding the faith that is in him and his motive is the love of man and the love of God."

#2162—"It may be that the Preacher sometimes says to himself 'What is the use of teaching these people? They have made up their minds, or they are obstinate, or they are only trying to catch me out.' Let him not yield to such a thought. Who knows how the seed of the Word of God may germinates in people's minds? It is not for man to look for results. Man's inner thoughts are known best to God."

Man ought to look for results, but in the spirit of Allah, which these words by Muhammad Ali (a translator of the Holy Qur'an) reflect. His footnote #516 to 3:158 reads:

"It should be noted that trusting in Allah does not imply inaction. Everything necessary is to be done, a course of action must be determined in the proper manner, and then in pursuing that course trust must be placed in Allah, which clearly implies that a man should do his utmost and then leave the consequences to Allah; that is, he must be resigned to what follows, taking the consequences with a cool mind."

I cannot fully respond to your article because, you have not completed it. This is evident in the text and by the words with which you ended your article. So, I'm no able to asses what you have written, in the full sense of that word, until it is concluded. On the other hand a fuller assessment of the letter of your National Spokesman can be given because it has an ending.

He directed his letter to the Ministers of Minister Louis Farrakhan. Your writing is directed to "Believers and sympathizers."

"Sympathizers" could include those, who, at the root of their thinking, disbelieve, for example, that Master Fard Muhammad is the Divine Supreme Being. There are many "Sympathizers" who, contrary to paragraph five of your article, are "totally unconscious" of the spiritual issues involved in your article.

So, by publishing your article in your newspaper, it is clear to me that you are launching an all out public attack on Minister Farrakhan. Why?

Furthermore, I would like to know exactly why you, my Brother, would permit or direct your National Spokesman to send such correspondence to those who represent, or in a sense, stand between the Honorable Louis Farrakhan and his followers? What exactly is your motive, or motives for this? What does this act look like, in the light of this government's current campaign to destroy Black leadership and groups? Are you with the government, in their effort to destroy Minister Farrakhan and we who are with him?

I hope to see these questions answered by you or your National Spokesman. These answers would help the "unity" your National Spokesman mentioned in paragraphs two through four and six of his letter. To refuse to answer, in kind, would be to deny his stated motives, which I have a right to expect are shared by you. To refuse to answer these questions is to admit that the charges in this letter are true.

Both your and his writings are very correct in addressing "Spiritualization" as vital to resolving differences between those followers of each leader.

Let us look at our spiritual differences, as I understand your writings. Yes, in words, it would seem that we agree that Master Fard Muhammad is Allah in Person. That would be a good start, if our concept of Him were the same, as taught by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. However, if our concept of Him (Allah) were the same you would not be attacking Minister Farrakhan.

Minister AbuKuss's words indicate he (and you) believe that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is dead. Minister Louis Farrakhan teaches that he is very much alive, physically, as well as in the various other ways in which one can live. I too an convinced that he is alive and will return. Furthermore, he (the Honorable Elijah Muhammad) is fully aware of all of us—you too.

The Honorable Louis Farrakhan is not—and has never been—a prophet of God. Didn't you know this? The Honorable Elijah Muhammad did not work to make us prophets. So, why do you teach this to your followers about Minister Farrakhan? (See your National Spokesman's letter, page one, paragraph three). However, I do know that he was chosen and prepared by Master Fard Muhammad for the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, who put him into the service of God, our people and others. On the other hand, if he was one of God's prophets, you've violated one of Allah's basic principles that makes one a Muslim by speaking evil of him!

There is a sense in which the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is the most honorable. There is another sense in which that is not Correct. In the latter case, he is the second most honored man who ever lived, or will live. I've taken that up in volume II of a book, "FARRAKHAN: GOD'S MAN ON THE STRAIGHT PATH." I hope you will read it, as well as volume I, when they are released.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad denied that he was a prophet. He taught that the coming of God—Master Fard Muhammad—and His work—ended the need for prophets. We are now living through what the prophets said would come. We are living through the signs they, and the people of their day, left. He taught that we are in the Days of Allah, which the Holy Qur'an teaches would come; and that we are in the Day of the Lord, as the Bible teaches. Allah is this Lord. I do not believe he (the Honorable Elijah Muhammad) ever referred to any of his followers as prophets. He enrolled us in the F.O.I. and M.G.T. classes with the teachings of the prophets, and the direct words of God, to prepare us—and all of humanity—for the next world that is to come from that wisdom which is "from the root of the wisdom of the Creator of the universe"—as he has stated it.

Of course, I'm not telling you of anything you don't know by referring you to The Student Enrollment, Question and Answer #1, etc. You were once in the F.O.I.

I find the lead paragraph of the second page of Minister AbuKuss's letter very interesting. It implies that if you found our positions (under the Honorable Louis Farrakhan) "correct and without spiritual flaw" he, and those who think as he does, would obey that leader. He used these words: "We wish to obey no matter who he is...". Are you, my Brother Silis Muhammad, in that "We"? If not, is he speaking for your ministers? Is he also including all of your followers? Are you saying that if you, and your followers, are shown to be incorrect, and that Minister Farrakhan and his followers are correct, that you all will follow Minister Farrakhan? If this is the case, that is fair. Furthermore, we would be one with Allah and His Christ, if we united on the basis the truth that He revealed through the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, including what was explained about Minister Farrakhan.

Now, who could this leader be, who is, in the exact words of your National Spokesman, "undaunteradedly correct and without spiritual flaw"? Could you (and your followers) or the Honorable Louis Farrakhan (and his followers, of who I'm one) be following that leader? Or could your National Spokesman really be referring to you? Are you without spiritual flaw? What is the standard by which you are to be seen and measured? Is it the Holy Qur'an?

Consider this. Since both you and Minister Farrakhan bear witness that Master Fard Muhammad is Allah in Person, as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us, let us begin with Him, as we have learned of Him through the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

I don't know what is in the mind of your National Spokesman, in his concept of perfection, with his use of the words, "correct and without spiritual flaw". Perfection, as you know is relative.

A baby in the mother's womb, at six months is not very attractive, but may be just perfect for that age and stage of development. And it (perfection) is ofttimes divinely brought about by means that often seem (to the eyes of most) quite a bit less than perfect. Thus, it is often the case that as the Servants of Allah serve His ultimate and best use of them, they pass through states, participate in events, and come through situations that seem and even make them appear as undivine.

We need only look at the prophets of old, and at the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, to fully illustrate this point, or truth, of which God testifies and, deeper, He Authored.

To illustrate: I am among those who has heard the Honorable Elijah Muhammad state (and this is in "How To Eat To Live") that we ought not to misread the sicknesses he suffered. He was not under a divine curse. He put forth an explanation of what he suffered that only those who walk in his path can claim for themselves, to some limited extent; and even then, we must be extremely careful least we may fall headlong into the abyss of the deepest hypocrisy, through thinking more of ourselves than we should. Of course, if we are not in the path of Allah—in submission to His will—we suffer from our lack of faith in action. When we get tired and worn out by this kind of suffering, we cry out to Allah, or we die in our rebellious state. If we move to Him, in real faith, He will respond. Holy Qur'an 40:60 says, "And your Lord says: Pray to me I will answer you. Those who disdain My service will surely enter hell, abased." Elsewhere He has stated He would not even care for us— after knowledge—were it not for our prayers.

Part of his explanation was that it was an aspect of his divine education to suffer what we suffer that he might help us out of our condition. He also explained that it was Allah's way of demonstrating His love, as well as the love of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad for us, that he suffered as he did. This is a very large subject—how Allah guided His Best Servant and Second Self. Such passages, as we read in Isaiah (42nd and the 53rd chapters), of God's suffering Servant, have been fulfilled by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad... .

So, the level of "perfection", your National Spokesman wrote of, could be satisfactory, if we look at and compare you and Minister Farrakhan. Or, it may be necessary for us to go to the next level—that of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. This course would force us to examine whether or not he died (physically) in 1975. If he did, his perfection must be assessed, or determined, as best we can, as he was at that time. Naturally, our view would fall short of the judgment or evaluation of Allah. So we would have to seek His judgment and accept whatever means He determines as best for us to gain that insight into His mind. I'm sure you know that the Holy Qur'an teaches that only Allah knows all things full well.

If he did not die, fourteen years and seven months ago, there is (at least) reasonable grounds to take the position that he has reached a level of perfection far beyond what he attained in 1975. Of course, it has been well established, that he did not die in 1975.

Then, of course, there is the most perfect One, Who is Absolute Perfection—Master Fard Muhammad. What do we actually know of the levels of perfection They are on? Are we able to obey Allah, or even the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, in a manner commensurate with, or that reflects, or that meets the requirements of Their respective levels of perfection? I think not. Hence, the merciful choosing and preparation of Minister Louis Farrakhan, who, though certainly not on Their level, is above us, but not so far above us that we cannot follow him to Them.

Let me be very clear about this: Minister Farrakhan is just as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said of him—he is a star without equal. I'm not on his level. He is peerless. His work demonstrates this. It fulfills the 17th chapter of Numbers. More on this chapter later, as we proceed to demonstrate that you should be one of his followers too.

Now, does one have to be "perfect", or spiritually flawless to be worthy of obedience? Does Allah ever order and, therefore, expect us to obey those who are less than "perfect"? Does not the fact that Allah orders us (4:59 of the Holy Qur'an and elsewhere) to obey imperfect ones imply that there are those on levels of perfection, inferior to His absolute perfection that we are yet required to obey?

In the early summer of 1964, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad told two of us, who were serving as ministers of his, at that time, that he was "all but immune to evil." The two I'm referring to are Brother Minister Allah, of No. 2 (now) and myself. In October, 1969, he told me he was not yet perfect; that he was being made perfect—and he told me places where this was taught in scripture,—but that he was perfect enough for us. I won't get into the context here.

The point is that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was not as perfect as his Teacher, Master Fard Muhammad, was guiding him to become. Yet he was to be obeyed, by his Lord's command. (4:64). And we who were the Ministers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, were to be obeyed within prescribed limits (4:59). Of course, this principle went to other laborers. It is very broad and applies to other of life's relationships. And he whom the Honorable Elijah Muhammad placed in authority, before he departed, is to be obeyed, regardless to his state of perfection, at any given point in time, or of our perception of it, ultimately, by the command of Allah. I am prepared to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt that he whom the Honorable Elijah Muhammad placed in authority, over the Nation, is the Honorable Louis Farrakhan, even if none had accepted him.

I've written of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan's perfection more than once. One place is towards the end of "Farrakhan: The Traveler". Have you read this book and it's companion, "A Special Spokesman"? Why do I bring this up? It is due to my total conviction that Minister Louis Farrakhan is the one the Honorable Elijah Muhammad commissioned to do just as he has been doing during the last twelve (12) years.

This brings me, my Brother Silis Muhammad, to your incomplete article. It is clear, thus far, that you think little of, or you even dislike Prophet Aaron. I even feel you hat him. You state that Aaron was a false prophet and you claim that this is firmly resolved, in the third paragraph of your article. You have resolved or are firmly and fully convinced of your position. Why? What are our sources of knowledge of Prophet Aaron, other than the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the Bible, the Holy Qur'an and scholars who comment on these two books? Is not the Holy Qur'an and the words of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad the most reliable of our sources? And do not he and this book honor Prophet Aaron? What is your source that justifies your claim that he was a hypocrite?

Brother Silis Muhammad, I'm sure you know there are differing levels of sin. Is it a sin, of the worst sort, to declare a prophet of Allah as sinful, false and as a disbeliever in Allah, especially in the light of Allah's clear statement of the sinlessness of a prophet, despite what may appear to be sin in his life? Is this so? Where does this place you in this, the day of Judgment? I don't think you grasp the truth on the pages in "Message To The Blackman", written by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, that you cited, about he importance and value of the prophets. Could they have the value he wrote of and yet be sinful and disbelievers? Just how serious is your charge before Allah? Have you put yourself in trouble with Allah? Let's look at His words from what you cited.

The title of the article, on page 252, of "Message To The Blackman", is "Beware of False Prophets". First, my Brother, neither Prophet Aaron, nor he of whom that prophet was a sign, come under the heading of a false prophet. In other words, as I intend to lay out in this letter, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad did not think of Aaron as a false prophet as he wrote this article. Yet you do. So are you correcting the Honorable Elijah Muhammad? By means of what? What is your authority?

Now, Brother, part of the beginning sentence of this article reads, "A hypocrite is a person who is disliked by everyone...". Allah loved Aaron. So did Moses. So does the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Yet you hate him. What is in you that causes this hate? On page 253 he writes, "You cannot get to Allah unless you come through a Messenger, Apostle or a Prophet of Allah." I am not going to go into any kind of detailed analysis of that sentence. (Read the last three paragraphs on page 108 of "Our Saviour Has Arrived" to get a big hint of the significance of this truth from another aspect of his thinking). Of course, we know that we can address Almighty God directly. This sentence of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad must be understood. It is vital, as his words clearly show those who have the eyes to see.

On page 140 of this same book, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad points out that it is wrong to take any prophet of God as His equal. He goes on to say, however, that, "We may pray to God in the names of the prophets, but not pray directly to the prophet. The Sender (God) is greater than the sent."

Brother, this is just a little to tell us something of the great value of such men. How much greater are those of whom the prophets were signs?

To say we believe in Allah is not the same as believing things about Allah. The devils believe things about Allah, but how many of them obey Him? Well, I'll leave that, with a little of the words of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, on page 253 from the material that you cited, which condemns you.

Here they are: "When a hypocrite begins disbelieving, the light is taken from him, and he is not able to see that he is actually a disbeliever."

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad continues that this is like a person wandering around in the dark but claiming he, or she, sees their way. Actually, divine light is all around us due to the presence of God. And, if we do not see, it is because we refuse to see. I would like to think that perhaps this letter will open your eyes. If it does, it will be due directly to the power of Allah. (Read "Message To The Blackman" page 254 the last paragraph; page 256 paragraph 7 and 8; page 257, paragraph 7; 259 paragraph 8; 260 paragraph 3; 263 paragraph 2-5; and finally, Brother, he also wrote in that book that he could only teach the truth but, in effect, belief involved the person and their (our) God Allah. More on this next letter). Further, if we claim to see and will not walk in His path, then we'll drop lower than our previous evil or low condition. (See same book, page 260 paragraph 2). This is a divine law.

Does Master Fard Muhammad agree with you that prophet Aaron was a false prophet? If He did He would be changing His mind and be coming under your influence and guidance!

How does He view (or assess) you, as you publish your views of Prophet Aaron, and he of whom Aaron is but one of the signs? Will Allah, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad (ultimately) establish your views, or a different view of him of whom, as I just wrote, Aaron is but one of his signs?

Allah has already established His view, judgment, assessment or evaluation of Aaron. Aaron's character; function; relation to Moses; to the righteous; to the wicked; his value; and place in history—right up until today—is clearly set forth in the Holy Qur'an. And that which is true in the Bible is verified in the Qur'an, and the false is corrected. I hope to show you that Allah has also already established His views, judgment or evaluation of him of whom Aaron is a sign—Minister Louis Farrakhan.

How, then, does your overall judgment of Aaron compare, not with scholars, but with that of Allah? How will Allah judge you who have judged and condemned one of His prophets as a hypocrite?

We know, Brother, that Master Fard Muhammad did not write the Holy Qur'an and He did not commission the prophets of old. However, He is in accord with the other Gods, under the soft pronoun "We" in the Holy Book, Who commissioned the prophets.

He, Master Fard Muhammad, gave the Honorable Elijah Muhammad a profound understanding of the origin, nature, contents, scope, aim, purpose and the effect of revelation, as well as the men (prophets), through whom this special information came. How much of that wisdom do you have, Brother?

Again, outside of the Holy Qur'an and Bible, do you have any other "original" source for your views on Aaron? Or do you have information of some wise one, who sees deeper into Allah's words, than the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, from whom you've drawn your views? Or are you your own source?

Again, as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us, that Master Fard Muhammad guided him, from His infinite wisdom, through the path on which the prophets were guided to walk. That

was an essential part of his education and training.

I know you know, Brother Muhammad, that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught that the prophets (generally) were signs of himself. He was not a prophet. He was the answer and the end of the prophets. The Holy Qur'an contains clear words that this or that event, situation or circumstance, in the life of this or that prophet are lessons, and even signs for the recipient(s) of the Holy Qur'an in the last days—now. Let us remember that Muhammad of Arabia was not the final recipient of the Holy Qur'an. I am not saying this only because several very major circumstances and events, that occurred in the life of the prophets, were not, let us say, repeated, in his life at all. For example, he never had to deal with a counterpart of Pharaoh and his people, etc. The root of my views are; (1) the direct words of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and (2) his life and work in this country and (3) the way he taught and guided us by the Holy Qur'an. It is his words and his life that gives life and meaning to the scriptures, as God made him the most important person in the scriptures, after Himself. And He (Allah) made the scriptures to testify to the truth of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

Now, look deep, Brother Silis Muhammad. It took God, Master Fard Muhammad, Himself, to thoroughly understand the intricacies of the divine pattern of the prophets and to know how to guide the recipient(s) of the Holy Qur'an perfectly, so that what was foreknown to be the best way/method of bringing in His good and doing away with all evil, is being accomplished in these days. We are just a few years beyond the 6,000 year vacuum, in our history, during which Yacub's made devil was made and ruled.

To comprehend the many interrelated parts, or facts, of the lives of the prophets, messengers and warners; to know exactly what aspects apply to the life of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad; how and when, and know how certain instructions to His servant would educate, develop and grow him into His second self, and how to guide him to guide others, is a part of a work that only Master Fard Muhammad could perform. Do you agree? Again, how much of that wisdom do you have?

He, Master Fard Muhammad, knows best the nature, history, purpose, and the functions of the prophets, messengers and warners, who worked among the people of the earth. He best knows which and how those parts of their lives apply to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and to others of us. He best knows how to place it and in what order. Among other things, He knows perfectly not just their lives, but He knows the various Scientists (Gods) Who commissioned them, as I mentioned above. And He knows what the Senders and the sent knew and the differences in their knowledge for their times and for now. In short, as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us, He, Master Fard Muhammad knows the beginning and end of all things. Indeed, He is, even now, in the process of re-creating all people and everything the heavens and the earth. How much insight do you have into this wisdom, Brother?

Again, my Brother, I hope we would agree that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was guided perfectly by Master Fard Muhammad. Further, I hope we would agree that he was 100 percent correct when he said he did not sin, and that everything he said and did was backed up by the Holy Qur'an and Bible, or the Originators of the wisdom in these books. And this 100 percent includes His choice of Minister Farrakhan. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad was guided by the Best Knower, to put Minister Louis Farrakhan into his seat and he has sat in it since 1977, contrary to the title of your article, in which you presume to take the place of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad with your false words. (More about what you reveal of yourself in the very title of your article next letter, Brother).

Now, before going to the "therefore", I ask you to think deeper than you ever have on just why both he and his Teacher made such use of these two books (Bible and Holy Qur'an) and just why it was necessary that the Authors (that is, the Original Scientists, or Gods, Who originated the truths these books contain) be called on as witnesses. The prophets were also called upon as witnesses. Witnesses of who and what? Witnesses of the truth of Master Fard Muhammad and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and what They produced.

Therefore, as I hope we will agree, Master Fard Muhammad understands perfectly everything there was to understand about Aaron and he of whom Aaron was a sign. At present, you and I have opposite views about Aaron and Minister Farrakhan. He, Master Fard Muhammad, either backs your views or He backs the view represented by this letter. There is no third view that He will accept. And, it should be clear, by now how - and it will get clearer, that you are wrong. Get right about your Brother, Minister Farrakhan. Help him and Allah will help you!

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad once wrote, as near as I can recall, if we have the knowledge of what is said to us (by him) and study the words of Allah, through His prophets, in the scriptures, and if we understand them, then we should not fall victim to misunderstanding and disbelief. This is a vital life- giving and life saving principle. To fail to grasp it is to fall into hypocrisy, after knowledge. To take it to heart, after a fall, is to come out of that evil state of being. You have fallen into hypocrisy. Will you choose to come out of it?

Now, in the light of the above, let me give you some of how I see your writing, as far as you have gone, about Aaron.

You focused on Aaron's fall after Moses departed to go to God for further instructions and guidance. You condemned a divine prophet of God as a false prophet. You stated that the question of Aaron being a false prophet is "firmly resolved." I understand you to be saying, in these words, and through the text of what you wrote, that it is clear to you, in your final judgment, of this man (Aaron), that he is a false prophet; that he tried to deceive Moses; that he was not a true believer; that he never was a believer; that he was cunning and deceitful; and, in general, a hypocrite. It seems clear that you've judged one of Allah's prophets to be a hypocritical opposer of Allah, in your final estimation of him. What are you saying about Allah?

Then, you conclude that the man of whom you stated the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, "... you are my Aaron, take my seat among the people in my absence ..." is no good, or is worst than the Aaron of the scriptures. You have not stated this outright, but this is strongly implied. (Maybe you will come out with this, in your next article. Maybe you were testing the waters in this first one.) What does this make you, if you're right? What does this make you, Brother, if you are wrong? If you are right, you are God Almighty—wiser than Allah—the Originator of the Holy Qur'an. If you are wrong, you are an outright hypocrite.

Your public article against Aaron is worse than what Reverend Jackson said of Prophet Moses. I'll get it and send it to you, with comments, Allah willing. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad whipped the Reverend saying, in part, that he would not want to be in his shoes. I believe the Brother repented. At least he visited the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Now, as I understand it, your entire case against Minister Farrakhan, of whom the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, (sit in my seat) depends on whether or not your view of Aaron is correct. And on what does your view depend? Does not your entire case depend on your understanding of the words of Allah about Prophet Aaron? How was your interpretation derived? What was in your mind and in your heart, as you studied the words of Allah about Aaron and he of whom he was a sign?

Interpretation is meaning, of which intent and purpose are parts. To get into one's meaning is to get into one's mind, to some extent, and deeper, into the very spirit of the words of the mind(s) producing the words.

What did you get from the mind of the Divine Supreme Being that justifies your views of one of His prominent servants of the past? How far did He allow you to go into His mind, on this subject?

Do you agree with Allah when He states, in the Holy Qur'an, that none knows the meanings of this book except He and a particular group of people to whom He grants what He will of His infinite understanding? These people are those "firmly" grounded in knowledge, among other qualifications. Now, what is this knowledge in which they are grounded? What is the process by they which one is grounded? There is so much in this, Brother. Are you one of these persons, in fact? You recall, I'm sure, that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad stated that his teachings contained (and gave) light, life and power. Does your teachings contain the same, when you oppose him?

Can you say, with truth, that your interpretation of the words of Allah, respecting prophet Aaron, is what Allah really intended? Were you admitted into His mind, about this greatest helper of Moses, so that you are sure beyond doubt, that He, Allah, backs you up, in your view, 100 percent?

Or is this a matter wherein you dislike Minister Farrakhan so much, that you have distorted the words of Allah about one of His greatest prophets, whom you can clearly see is one of the great divine signs of our Brother—the Honorable Louis Farrakhan? In your effort to condemn Minister Farrakhan, you used a method that exposes and condemns yourself. Brother, this is a very serious matter. Do you realize the terrible position you have put yourself in with Allah and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad? Do you grasp the consequences coming to you from Them of this particular public sin, unless you turn, in time, in true repentance, and are forgiven? We at least agree, however, that the Moses and the Aaron of the Bible and the Holy Qur'an are signs of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Minister Louis Farrakhan. Further, we agree, that— broadly speaking—what is/was written of Moses and Aaron was/is prophecy about the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and our Brother, Minister Farrakhan, and not mere allegory.

And since we have history of the Nation of Islam since 1930, and a clear history of persons and events since the departure of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, fourteen years and seven months ago—as well as the scriptures—we have a good base and enough material on which to see where we agree and disagree; to see who is in the right and who is wrong; that is, to see and know who is on the side of Master Fard Muhammad and who is on the side of those opposed to Them (Master Fard Muhammad and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.) This is good, for it gives those in the wrong a chance to get on the right side, before God's wrath falls on those with satan. So this is good. I hope you will do the right thing by yourself, your family and followers, and get on the right side, in behind Minister Farrakhan, as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad wanted us to do, before the chastisement of Master Fard Muhammad strikes.

I disagree with your assessment of Prophet Aaron on more than one level, or way. True enough, Aaron fell after Moses' departure. However, I do not agree with your views of how Allah describes the character of the words and acts of Aaron during Moses' absence and immediately upon Moses' return—which is mostly what you take up.

You do give brief mention of Aaron's character before Moses' departure. You claim he was a hypocrite, who only pretended belief in Moses and his God. However, your focus is just as I mentioned in the previous paragraph. Why? On what do you base your view that Prophet Aaron was, in your final judgment (after your research, etc.), an evil hypocrite? I fully intend to give my view of the very root of your view of God's word's respecting Aaron and Minister Farrakhan.

What does Allah—not scholars—give us, as His final assessment of Aaron? In Surah 37:114-122 of the Yusuf Ali translation, we read:

114) "Again, (of old,) we bestowed Our favor on Moses and Aaron,

115) "And We delivered them and their people from (Their) Great Calamity;

116) "And We helped them, so they overcame (their troubles);

117) "And We gave them the Book which helps to make things clear;

118) "And We guided them to the Straight Way.

119) "And We left (this blessing) for them among generations

(To come) in later times:

120) "Peace and salutation to Moses and Aaron!

121) "Thus indeed do We reward those who do right.

122) "For they were two of Our believing Servants."

Well, Brother Silis Muhammad, does the "times" of verse 119, come down to our times? Meanwhile, in Mr. Ahmad's translation, edited by Mr. M.G. Farid, we read 37:115-123:

115) "And, indeed, We bestowed favors on Moses and Aaron. 116) "And We saved them both and their people from the great distress;

117) "And We helped them, and it was they who were victorious.

118) "And We gave them the Book that made everything clear;

119) "And We guided them to the right path.

120) "And We left for them a good name among the succeeding


121) "Peace be on Moses and Aaron!

122) "Thus, indeed, do We reward those who do good.

123) "Surely, they were both among Our believing servants."

There are great truths, relevant to our collective situation, in these verses, Brother. Now, it seems clear to me that you have given a very bad name to one of Allah's prophets, for whom He left a very good name. You have put yourself opposite to Allah on a vital principle. And, you have done it publicly. Furthermore, Brother, if your view is correct, a hypocrite fooled Allah, the Best Knower; a hypocrite slipped by Allah and this is why Aaron was given honorable mention (with Moses and others), right up until today. How in the world did you arrive at your conclusion? And, why? What is the root of your thinking? What sits in your heart that moved you to write as you did?

Brother Silis Muhammad, are you beginning to feel that you are in serious disagreement with Allah, your Lord and the Master of interpretation and of this day in which we live?

Allah and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad well knew that Aaron was the type of one of his followers from among us. Now, Brother, if the anti-type (or fulfiller) is greater than the type, how can you look down on, or scorn, the one of whom Aaron was a sign and think he is an evil man, since Allah has already judged Aaron as an exceptionally good man?

Without going into details, at this point, about the fall of Aaron, (after Moses departed and how he was handled, on Moses' return) let us consider and reflect over the following. After Moses questioned Aaron he prayed for him. Why? How did God answer? Is it not a fact that Aaron repented and was forgiven? What does this tell us of the modern Aaron of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad? Does this not tell us that he is so important,

that the fact that he would be forgiven was written before he was born? This gets us into a very deep science, Brother. Minister Farrakhan is a fixed star. I'll get to this later.

Is not Allah the Seer of all of His servant's faults, manifested as mistakes, errors and/or sins? Are not these mistakes, etc., part of the growth and preparation of these divine servants? Is not He the Acceptor of repentance and the Forgiver of all faults and sins? Prophets were above average servants. Aaron was a prophet. Why won't you forgive Aaron? Furthermore, how can you be forgiven if you are unforgiving? An unforgiving person is a very immature person. An immature person, who accepts Islam, who fails to grow, will become a hypocrite. And, we were/are all immature when we accept Islam.

Does not the Holy Qur'an teach that if Allah were to punish humanity for sins He would not leave anyone alive on this earth? Does not this ultimately refer to these times? And are not you, my Brother, included? One of the reasons your charge is so serious is this: Aaron arose and came to his people during their fall, to prepare them for Moses' return. He represented extraordinary grace. Grace, in short, is undeserved kindness. It's a kindness and a good from God, based on His perfect grasp of what we can't even see of the good, and of possibilities He sees in and for us. It is, among other things, an exercise of Allah's will, whereby He illuminates our inner selves to ourselves in a manner that enables us—with His help—to see things (good and evil) in ourselves in a way that will enable us to become better. There is much more to this Divine quality. So to reject His grace is to reject the essence of the very Being or the very heart of Allah! And in this case to reject Him is to turn down, or away from extraordinary grace, or love.

You would argue with me, over this next point. And I would welcome it. Put simply and briefly, at least two of the six written lessons (we've been given by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad from God) teach us that among the qualifications to enter-in the best sense of that word-God's kingdom, involves accepting Minister Farrakhan. By truly accepting him-in this crucial hour—we are accepting both Master Fard Muhammad and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad; thus averting or avoiding the wrath of God for committing the one sin (mentioned on page 306 of "Message To The Black Man") that cannot be forgiven.

In the very nature of the resurrection process, initiated and guided by Master Fard Muhammad, there was no way for us (our people) to accept Him, as God, (an "A" grade); nor even accept the Honorable Elijah Muhammad (a "B" grade) as he was/is. However, we can accept Minister Louis Farrakhan and pass, obtaining a "C" grade. The 5th and 6th lessons tells us this, if you can understand it; namely "The Problem Book" and "English Lesson No. C One".

When you and I were together, at the end of December 1976, you had already blown grade "A" & "B". Your stance now is proof enough. You really don't believe in the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and this is easy to prove by your own words and works.

Aaron came out of the extraordinary grace of Allah. So does he of whom Aaron is but one of his signs. Let's come back to grace later, when we look at your views, in the light of Matthew, chapter 12, about blaspheming against the helper, the Jesus (figure), sent from the Father.

Let's now go a little deeper. Let us take the Muhammad Ali translation, 3:160 and 21:25-28.

The first (3:160) reads "And it is not for a prophet to act dishonestly". Farid puts it "and it is not possible for a prophet to act dishonestly ... ." Yusuf Ali: puts it: "No prophet could (ever) be false to his trust."

How do you understand this, Brother Muhammad? How do you relate this verse to Prophet Aaron? How do you grasp Allah's meaning wherein it is written, a few verses down, that there are various grades among people?

If Aaron was second only to Moses, in the eyes of Allah, in their days, is it not logical that he of whom Aaron is/was a sign, is second only to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, in the eyes and judgment or evaluation of Allah? Would God give Moses and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad hypocrites for their "seconds?"

Do you remember me saying to you, in December 1976, during the time when the Nation had fallen, that despite Minister Farrakhan's condition, at that time, he was my superior and that he would, in short, rebuild the Nation of Islam? I don't see anything wrong or demeaning in recognizing that another is our superior in this, that or in all respects. Do you agree with me in principle? But, let me not get ahead of myself.

How do you understand Muhammad Ali's translation of 21:25- 28? He argues that Allah established a vital, or essential principle, namely the sinlessness of prophets. (Again, read page 260 of "Message To The Blackman"). This is part of the fundamental principles of Islam, that involves belief in Allah's prophets.

Let me give you the text of three translators and some of their notes.

Muhammad Ali: 21:25-28 and footnote 1624 reads as follows:

25) "And We sent no messenger before thee but We revealed to him that there is no God but Me, so serve Me.

26) "And they say: The Beneficent has taken to Himself a son. Glory be to Him! Nay, they were honored servants-

27) "They speak not before He speaks, and according to His command they act.

28) "He knows what is before them and what is behind them, and they intercede not except for him whom He approves, and for fear of Him they tremble."

Before we get to his note, verse 25 includes Aaron. He is also one of the honored servants of verse 26. He was included among the ones Allah empowers to intercede for others He approves, under certain conditions, in verse 28. Do you think Allah should not have done so? Are you trying to correct Allah in your article? It seems clear that you are in need of the modern Aaron's intercession, if Allah approves you—and that can't be done unless and until you repent...and even that (your repentance) must be on time. Muhammad Ali's note reads:

#1624—"This verse affords a conclusive testimony for the sinlessness of prophets. In the first place they speak not till Allah has spoken, i.e., they speak according to what He has taught them, not speaking of their own accord. And secondly, when they act, they act according to His commandment. Thus both their words and deeds are in accordance with Divine will, and therefore sin or disobedience of God cannot be attributed to them. The context shows clearly that the verse speaks of prophets, and not of angels."

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has gone much deeper into this; even deeper than any servant of God ever-by the guidance of Master Fard Muhammad. However, in your present state of mind (as indicated by your article)-which I hope changes-you would not accept those truths from him; especially if it came through Minister Farrakhan, or one who is with him. Meanwhile, let us look at the effort of Yusuf Ali, 21:25-28 and part of his footnote 2686 and 2687 which reads:

25) "Not an apostle did We send before thee without this inspiration sent by Us to him: that there is no God

but I; therefore worship and serve me.

26) "And they say: "(God) Most Gracious has begotten offspring." Glory to Him! They are (but) servants raised to honor.

27) "They speak not before He speaks, and they act (in all things) by His command.

28) "He knows what is before them, and what is behind them, and they offer no intercessions except for those who are acceptable, and they stand in awe and reverence of His glory."

#2686—"This refers both to the Trinitarian superstition that God has begotten a son, and to the Arab superstition that the angels were daughters of God. All such superstitions are derogatory to the glory of God. The prophets and the angels are no more than servants of God: they are raised high in honor, and therefore they deserve our highest respect, but not our worship."

#2687—"They never say anything before they receive God's command to say it, and their acts are similarly conditioned. This is also the teaching of Jesus as reported in the Gospel of St. John 12:49-50: 'For I have not spoken of myself: But the Father which sent me, He gave me a commandment, what I should say, and what I should speak. And I know that His commandment is life everlasting: whatsoever I speak therefore, even as the Father said unto me, so I speak.' If rightly understood, 'Father' has the same meaning as our 'Rabb', Sustainer and Cherisher, not Begetter or Progenitor." Then the translation edited by Mr. Farid reads of 21:28, 29 and notes 1880A, 1881 and 1882 reads as follows:

28) "They speak not before He speaks, and they only carry out His commands.

29) "He knows what is before them and what is behind them, and they intercede not except for him whom He approves it and they tremble in awe of Him."

#1880A—"The Qur'an is a source of honour and dignity for previous Prophets also, because it clears them of the charges of which their people falsely accused them."

#1881—"The pronoun 'they' as the context shows refers to Prophets. Divine Messengers are incapable of disobeying God or committing a moral offense or sin. The verse establishes the sinlessness of the Prophets."

#1882—"The words may mean, 'what they did and what they did not or could not do; or they may refer to the influences to which they were subject or the changes which they brought about."

Again, my Brother, what do you think of this doctrine, as covered above? How do you see Prophet Aaron in the light of the words of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad ("Message To The Blackman", page 253) that you cited, in your article? I think I have made clear how I see this in relation to Prophet Aaron, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Minister Louis Farrakhan. I am, however, asking you to give your views of these enlightening words. A few verses earlier (Yusuf Ali translation) we read in 21:23 and note 2683:

23) "He cannot be questioned for His acts, but they will be Questioned (for theirs).

In note 2683, he wrote:

"God is Self-Subsisting. All His creatures are responsible to Him and dependent on Him there is no other being to whom He can be responsible or on whom He can be responsible or on whom He can be dependent."

If the prophets were people who were under the command of Allah, can we question, argue with, or dispute with Him over how He guided, and developed or educated, His servants? I won't. However, I'll try to deepen my understanding so I may be in accord with Allah. For example, please read in the Holy Qur'an, 5:25, which reads that Moses said, "My Lord, I have control of none but my own self and my brother, so distinguish between us and the transgressing people."

Who do you think Moses had in mind? Frankly, I think Moses thought of Aaron and I believe this is teaching us, today, of the relationship between the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Louis Farrakhan, of whom Moses and Aaron were signs. Moreover, I hope to show, in this letter, some of the practical value of this verse and the great value in Allah's wise provisions for us. It relates to that prayer (or spiritual song), "Fix Me Lord."

However, before going further, Brother Silis Muhammad, there is something I'd like to remind you of on page 2, paragraph 3, of your article,

You wrote:

"Some scholars of the Scripture see Aaron's creation of the golden calf as the issue to be dealt with. On the other hand, Prophet Muhammad of 1400 year ago, (peace be upon him) and I do not view the question of the golden calf as the issue at all. In the Holy Qur'an, Prophet Muhammad makes no mention of Aaron making a golden calf. However, he does point to Aaron's inability to speak the clear truth, and to the different excuses which he tried to offer Moses for his deviation, after Moses departed."

Brother, Allah, and not Muhammad is the Author of every word of the Holy Qur'an. What Muhammad did with the Holy Qur'an, he did under the direction of Allah. Muhammad's grasp of the Qur'an was inferior to that of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Louis Farrakhan. Moreover, as you admit, the Holy Qur'an clears Aaron of what enemies charged him with, in the Bible. Aaron did speak clear truth. I say all of this to say that you are not in accord with Muhammad of 1,400 years ago in your evil slander of Aaron, who he respected as Allah did and does!

Again, I don't agree in the way, or the extent to which you disassociate the charge (many have made) that Aaron made the golden calf in connection to what you allege to be his disbelief in Moses and the God.

If you study real carefully Exodus 32:33-35, you have a powerful argument, even though it is only hinted, that Aaron did not even make the golden calf—to which the Holy Qur'an bears testimony. Look at the last sentence of the last verse—#35—of that chapter. What do you see? How deep do or can you see?

It reads: 35) "And the Lord plagued the people, because they made the calf, which Aaron made."

If this can be established—that Aaron had no part in making the calf—what happens to your argument, as I quote your words on page 1, paragraph 2:

"Most scholars, in their discussions of Aaron focus mainly on his creation of the golden calf. In my writings, however, and not just to be different, the subject of Aaron's disbelief in Moses and in the God of Moses is brought forth as the central issue. The question of the creation of the golden calf is pointed to, but only as an instrument used to show Aaron's obvious rejection of the God of Moses, after Moses' departure."

If he did not make the calf, where is your "instrument" to show his "obvious rejection"?

Brother, the Holy Qur'an refutes your position. Aaron recovered his balance, before Moses returned, and bore witness to Moses' integrity.

You wrote on Page 2 that: "In the Holy Qur'an, Prophet Muhammad makes no mention of Aaron making a golden calf." Again, Allah is the Author of the Qur'an.

The fact is that the Holy Qur'an makes clear that Aaron was not only innocent of making the calf, but before Moses returned, he stood boldly against calf worship, before the Samiri was divinely moved from power. Aaron is cleared of making the calf.

Again, Aaron rightly asserted himself and proclaimed to the people that they should follow him and obey his order. Is this also a sign of that which is and of those with whom we are living with today? Yes, in fact, this has already been fulfilled by Minister Farrakhan.

It seems to me he did, as you claim he did not, "stand alone"—as you wrote, Page 3, paragraph 1. Here are your words:

"Dear Reader, would not Aaron hold onto the God and the path of Moses, if he was indeed a true believer? Would not Aaron stand alone, if need be, if he truly believed in Moses and in the God of Moses? Did Moses not stand alone?"

The Bible tells us that Allah was with both Moses and Aaron. No servant of God can stand without Him. Exodus 4:12-17 reads:

"You, therefore, go and I will be with your mouth: I will teach you what to say. But he said, 'O Lord, please send anyone else Thou wilt.'

"Then the Lord's indignation burned against Moses. He said, 'Is not Aaron, the Levite, your brother? I know him to be a fluent speaker and he is, besides, coming out to meet you. He will be heartily glad to see you. You speak to him and convey to him the message, and I will sustain you both in your speaking. He shall be your spokesman to the people; for him you shall take the part of God. Take hold of this staff, with which you shall work the signs."

It is very clear that God knew the kind of person Aaron would be even before He gave him his work to do. Maybe you will agree that He knows Aaron better than you do. At present you think you know Aaron better than the Best Knower does. That's a very bad condition to be in, Brother. Before going further I am calling your attention to a principle, that I believe you know, but have violated, with respect to Minister Farrakhan to such degree that you have or are ruining your relationship with the Supreme Being. Each of us have a relation to God, others and ourselves. The quality of our relationship with God also determines our relation with others. The reverse is true. When any of us set up a relationship to another rooted, for example, in envy, we not only violate principles of good human relations, but we do the same with our relations to the Supreme Being as well as others. As we violate the principles involved in the "golden rule" we reduce our ability to think, feel and perform or act as Muslims.

When we work to destroy a human being whom Allah has chosen to be of immense benefit to humanity, such as Minister Farrakhan, we rapidly plunge ourselves into self-destruction, and just before that destruction we come to a condition out of which only the Supreme Being Himself can help us. I just don't know, Brother, whether or not even God Himself will help one who rejects His mercies via, such as, intercessors (like Aaron, of the past, or his modern counterpart, in Minister Farrakhan). Nor do I know at what point He is finished with a person and determines that that one will be chastised in both fires (as described in "Message To The Blackman".

Here the words of the Holy Qur'an from three translators, beginning with Muhammad Ali 20:85-97; notes 1599 and 1600. All of this refutes your position respecting Aaron and he of whom Aaron was a sign.

Muhammad Ali translation reads:

85) "He said: Surely We have tried thy people in thy absence, and the Samiri has led them astray.

86) "So Moses returned to his people angry, sorrowing. He said: O my people, did not your Lord promise you a goodly promise? Did the promised time, then, seem long to you, or did you wish that displeasure from your Lord should come upon you, so that you broke (your) promise to me?

Many people, Brother, tragically misunderstood what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad meant that he would be gone about three years before he returned. This subject is taken up elsewhere in the Holy Qur'an and is in the Bible too. It is also described in relation to the manifestation of hypocrites who are so proud, in the evil sense, that they just cannot follow divine leadership. The Honorable Elijah also got into this in "Message To The Blackman". Remember? I tried to get you to be patient, back in 1976. But you had another agenda, which was not hidden so well. Now look at the position and condition you are in, Brother.

87) "They said: We broke not the promise to thee of our own accord, but we were made to bear the burdens of the ornaments of the people, then we cast them away, and thus did the Samiri suggest.

88) "Then he brought forth for them a calf, a body; which had a hollow sound, so they said: This is your god and the god of Moses; but he forgot.

89) "Could they not see that it returned no reply to them, nor controlled any harm or benefit for them?

90) "And Aaron indeed had said to them before: O my people, you are only tried by it, and surely your Lord is the Beneficent God, so follow me and obey my order.

91) "They said: We shall not cease to keep to its worship until Moses returns to us.

92) "(Moses) said: O Aaron, what prevented thee, when thou sawest them going astray.

93) "That thou didst not follow me? Hast thou then, disobeyed my order?

94) "He said: O son of my mother, seize me not by my beard, nor by my head. Surely I was afraid lest thou shouldst say: Thou hast caused division among the Children of Israel and not waited for my word.

95) "(Moses) said: What was thy object, O Samiri?

96) "He said: I perceived what they perceived not, so I took a handful from the footprints of the messenger then I cast it away. Thus did my soul embellish (it) to me.

97) "He said: Begone then! It is for thee in this life to

say, touch (me) not. And for thee is a promise which shall not fail. And look at thy god to whose worship thou hast kept. We will certainly burn it, then we will scatter it in the sea.

98) "Your Lord is only Allah, there is no God but He. He comprehends all things in (His) knowledge."

#1599—"From this it is clear that not only has Aaron no part in making the calf, but he even enjoined his people to give up its worship. The Qur'an here contradicts the Bible."

#1600—"The stories which many commentators have related under this verse are all baseless, and even Razi has discredited them. The rasul, or messenger is evidently Moses himself; his athar signifies his sunnah, i.e., his practices and sayings, a significance to which all authorities agree (LL), the word being well-known in Muslim religious literature, and the qabdat is taking or following those practices in part, because qabdat denotes a single act of taking, or only a handful, i.e., a small part of it. The man who made the calf thus asserts that he had a clearer perception of things than the Israelites, that he accepted the teachings of Moses only partially, and confesses that he now threw off even that part and made a calf for worship."

It is beyond the purposes of this letter to give an extensive comment on all that I'm citing of what these scholars have written. However, read with greater care than you have before. Our salvation is involved. Yours too.

Let's look at Mr. Yusuf Ali 20:79-97 and notes 2614, 2616, 2619 and 2621.

79) "Pharaoh led his people astray instead of leading them aright.

80) "O ye Children of Israel! We delivered you from your enemy, and We made a convenant with you on the right side of Mount (Sinai), and We sent down to you manna and quails.

81) (Saying): "Eat of the good things We have provided for your sustenance, but commit no excess therein, lest My Wrath should justly descend on you: and those on whom descends My Wrath do perish indeed!

82) "But, without doubt, I am (also) He that forgives again and again, to those Who repent, believe, and do right,—who, In time, are ready to receive true guidance.

Brother Silis Muhammad, look again and again at this verse, number 82. Make the right changes and become the great man you could become.

83) "(When Moses was up on the Mount, God Said:) 'What made thee hasten in advance of thy people, O Moses?'

84) "He replied: 'Behold, they are close on my footsteps: I hastened to Thee, O my Lord, to please Thee,

85) "(God) said: 'We have tested thy people in thy absence: The Samiri has led them astray.

86) "So Moses returned to his people in a state of indignation and sorrow, He said: 'O my people! did not your Lord make a handsome promise to you? Did then The promise seem to you Long (in coming) Or did ye desire that wrath should descend from your Lord on you, and so ye broke your promise to me?

87) "They said: 'We broke not the promise to thee, as far as lay in our power: But we were made to carry the weight of the ornaments of the (whole) people, and we threw them (into the fire), and that was what the Samiri suggested.

88) "Then he brought out (of the fire) before the (people) The image of a calf: it seemed to low, so they said: 'This is your god, and the god of Moses, but (Moses) has forgotten!

89) "Could they not see that it could not return them a word (for answer), and that it has no power either to harm them or to do them good?

Now, look at this next verse carefully. Does any translation you have read contradict it? It reads:

90) "Aaron had already, before this said to them: 'O my people! Ye are being tested in this: for verily your Lord is (God) Most Gracious: so follow me and obey my command."

Now his note reads:

#2614—The Bible story makes Aaron the culprit, which is inconsistent with his office as the high priest of God and the right hand of Moses. See n. 1116 to vii. 150. Our version is more consistent and explains in the Samiri the lingering influences of the Egyptian cult of Osiris the bull-god.

Now back to the text of his work.

91) "They had said: 'We will not abandon this cult, but we will devote ourselves to it until Moses returns to us.'

92) "(Moses) said: 'O Aaron! What kept thee back, when thou sawest them going wrong.

93) "From following me? Didst thou then disobey my order?

94) "(Aaron) replied: 'O son of my mother! Seize (me) not by my beard nor by (the hair of) my head! Truly I was afraid lest thou shouldst say, 'Thou hast caused a division among the children of Israel, and thou didst not respect my word! Brother, you do not understand Aaron's words, nor do you see why Allah included them in the text of His holy book. Finish your article so we can get into this.

95) "(Moses) said: 'What then Is thy case, O Samiri?

96) "He replied: 'I saw what they saw not: so I took a handful (of dust) from the footprint of the Apostle, and threw it (into the calf): thus did my soul suggest to me.'"

His note states this, Brother:

#2616—"The rebels had so little faith that they had given Moses up for lost, and never expected to see him again."

They thought him (Moses) to be dead, as many (you and your followers included) think the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to be dead. So Brother, if we bring this history down to today, if as we agree, this history is a sign (or a picture) of today, you and your poor followers are in trouble with God Himself. You all are in a terrible predicament. You are about to fall into that first fire!

Mr. Yusuf Ali continues in another footnote:

#2619—"This reply of Aaron's is in no way inconsistent with the reply as note in vii. 150. On the contrary there is a dramatic aptness in the different points emphasized on each occasion. In S. vii. we were discussing the Ummat of Israel, and Aaron rightly says, "The people did indeed reckon me as naught, and went near to slay me!" In adding, "Let not the enemies rejoice over my misfortune", he is referring by implication to his brother's wish to maintain unity among the people. Here the unity is the chief point to emphasize: we are dealing with the Samiri as mischief-monger, and he could best be dealt with by Moses, who proceeds to do so."

97) "(Moses) said: 'Get thee gone! but thy (punishment) in this life will be that thou wilt say, 'Touch me not'; and moreover (for a future penalty) thou hast a promise that will not fail: Now look at thy god, of whom thou hast become a devoted worshipper: we will certainly (melt) it in a blazing fire and scatter it broadcast in the sea!"

Notice, Brother, he gets a double punishment. If you read "Message To The Blackman" you'll see the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught on this too. This letter is but a humble effort to help you, and others to avert the first part of this double punishment, and myself too, by the help of Allah.

#2621—"This answer of the Samiri is a fine example of unblushing effrontery, careful evasion of issues, and invented falsehoods. He takes upon himself to pretend that he had far more insight than anybody else: saw what the vulgar crowd did not see. He saw something supernatural. "The Apostle" is construed by many commentators to mean the angel Gabriel. Rasul (plural, rusul) is used in several places for "angel" e.g. in xi. 69, 77; xix. 19; and xxxv. 1. But if we take it to mean the Apostle Moses, it means that Samiri saw something sacred or supernatural in his footprints; perhaps he thinks a little flattery would make Moses forgive him: The dust became sacred, and his throwing it into the calf's image made the calf utter a lowing sound! As if that was the point at issue! He does not answer the charge of making an image for worship. But finally, with arrogant effrontery, he says, "Well, that is what my soul suggests to me, and that should be enough!"

Aaron's language was clear, Brother. And his answer was accepted, like Abel's offering. However, the Samiri's answer was unacceptable and like Cain, he was (or they were) banished - and he (they) received a double punishment.

Now, what follows is the translation edited by Mr. Farid, in 20:91, 96, and 97, and notes 1845 and 1847:

91) "And Aaron had said to them before the return of Moses, 'O my people, you have only been tried by means of the calf. And, surely, the Gracious God is your Lord, so follow me and obey my command.'"

96) "Moses said, 'And what then is thy plea, O Samiri?'"

97) "He said, 'I perceived what they perceived not. I had only adopted part of what the Messenger (Moses) inculcated, but I threw even that away. Thus it is that my mind commended to me.'"

Brother, we all must accept the entire body of wisdom of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad (2:285). It is so interconnected that

to accept or reject only a part of it is to ultimately reject all of it. In other words, as we reject God's wisdom, we become blind in stages and become like the Samiri who accepted only a part. The nature or the consequences of this behaviour is that we either deliberately throw away the rest of God's Truth (like the Samari) or we lose our grip on the rest, and thus, we lose ourselves and drop deeper into the ignorance and filth we were originally brought out of. This fact or law of nature is taken up in several places in the scriptures which the Scientists wrote for our learning and general benefit.

Mr. Yusuf Ali continues:

#1845—"The Qur'an here contradicts the Bible and clears Aaron of the charge of having made a molten calf for the Israelites to worship (Exod. 32:4). It says that not only did Aaron not fashion the calf for them, on the other hand he prohibited them from worshipping the one which the Samiri has made for them. The charge has been dismissed as unfounded by Christian writers themselves (Enc. Brit. under "The golden Calf")."

Then, here is his note, on this hypocrite, who really led the people astray.

#1847—"The words may also mean, 'My mental perception was clearer than that of the Israelites. The Samiri means to say that he had followed Moses and had accepted his teachings intelligently and not blindly like them. But when Moses went to the Mount, he threw away the cloak of expediency and discarded what little of his teachings (athar, meaning remains or relics of knowledge transmitted or handed down from the former generations, i.e., teachings) he had accepted and that was what his mind suggested to him."

The phrase "his mind suggested" refers to his lower self. And he acted like Cain whose mind; operating on a low and mean level, made it easy for him to murder his brother. (Holy Qur'an 5:30). Another translator put it:

"His ego provoked him into killing his brother." Still another put it:

"...his evil soul prompted him to slay his brother without slightest compunction...".

Yusuf Ali's translation, in verse 33, refers to Cain's soul as "selfish". And he never truly repented. His footnote #736, in part, reads that Cain "... had not the decency to bury the corpse, and of this simple duty he was reminded by a raven—a black bird usually held in contempt! His regret was not that account. That was not true repentance."

There is a great lesson in this for us, Brother. Let our repentance be sincere, as well as speedy. Let us not prolong the time that we insult the Supreme Being... . Now, Brother consider what you wrote, for example, on Page 3, paragraph 3. You omitted the fact-that Allah made-of Aaron's rise, before the return of Moses and his truthful and courageous stand, even if it meant his life. Here is Surah 7: Section 18, verses 148-151 from the Muhammad Ali translation, which reads:

148) "And Moses' people made of their ornaments a calf after him—a (lifeless) body, having a lowing sound. Could they not see that it spoke not to them, nor guided them in the way? They took it (for worship) and they were unjust.

149) "And when they repented and saw that they had gone astray, they said: 'If our Lord have not mercy on us and forgive us, we shall certainly be of the losers.'

150) "And when Moses returned to his people, wrathful, grieved, he said: 'Evil is that which you have done after me! Did you hasten on the judgment of your Lord?' And he threw down the tablets and seized his brother by the head, dragging him towards him. He said: 'Son of my mother, the people reckoned me weak and had well-nigh slain me. So make not the enemies to rejoice over me and count me not among the unjust people.'

151) "He said: 'My Lord, forgive me and my brother, and admit us to Thy mercy, and Thou art the Most Merciful of those who show mercy.'"

Allah answered in the affirmative. This should cause you to look deeper into the Bible's teachings of Numbers chapter 20 that teaches that Moses and Aaron so messed up that they were not admitted into the promised land. I suppose you agree with this. If you do, you missed again. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that this is put there (Numbers 20) that he might walk perfect. And, Brother, he and Master Fard Muhammad back Minister

Louis Farrakhan to trod that same path that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad has walked. Now, Brother Muhammad, consider the argument he gives in his note.

#947—"Aaron's excuse and Moses' acceptance of it show clearly that Aaron was quite innocent, having had a share neither in making the calf nor in worshipping it. The Bible account, which makes a righteous prophet of God guilty of the most heinous crime, must be rejected as untrue. That forgiveness was not sought for any fault in connection with calf-worship is clear from the fact that Moses joins himself with Aaron in the prayer given in this verse. Forgiveness here, as frequently elsewhere in the Holy Qur'an, is equivalent to the Divine protection, which every man should seek against the frailties and shortcomings of human nature. See #380 for a full explanation of the word ghafr."

Why did you leave this—the words of Allah of Aaron's rise and words—out of your writings? If you say you were planning to put it in later—too late! You have already, made your position clear? To include this essential information ruins your position. Leaving it out, as you did, does the same once it is pointed out. Of course, you can change your mind. And you should. There is nothing wrong in admitting you are in error or mistaken, if you simply did not see nor read these verses, and other divine arguments that refute your position totally. Meanwhile, it is clear to me that the case is that your research and your arguments, have proved defective. See page 1 paragraph 1 of your article.

My earliest knowledge of how far back the Honorable Elijah Muhammad stated there would be a falling away of his followers, from him, was 1960. Of course, he probably mentioned it earlier. He said when he thought of it, it was like a knife being turned in his stomach. This was an indication of his intense love for his people. This intense love is related to the very merciful production of Minister Farrakhan.

Does all of the above make you to feel that you are way off from the mind of Allah about prophet Aaron and he of whom he serves as a sign? What else of importance are you far off or outright wrong about, Brother? Has your heart softened to Allah's truth or has your heart hardened?

Back to something you said of Moses, Page 1, paragraph 7, to the effect that Aaron was second in command under Moses. Agreed, he was Moses' chief representative.

In 1960, the late Malcolm X was seen (by many) to be, "second in command." At least he was the Honorable Elijah Muhammad's National Spokesman. There were many who saw him as a modern Aaron. Well, next to the last day he ever saw the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in the flesh (which was 1/2/64), he said he saw himself falling like Korah for two years, but was unable to stop himself. He proved not to be the real fulfiller of the sign or type left by Aaron. Nor was he the fulfiller of the sign left by Korah. He only seemed to be the fulfillment of the signs left by Aaron and Korah—two very different men. In him were good and bad qualities to be manifested in a fuller measure in two other men. In him were lessons for others. Isn't this the case with all of us, in spite of ourselves, Brother? All of us are teachers of and examples for others, in one way or another, and at different times of our lives.

His life is very instructive. He loved. But, his love was not deep/high/broad enough. The real second to the modern Moses, to be very brief, must be a lover of God and humanity, in the profoundest sense of the word love. He has got to have a heart like his teacher, whose heart must be like God's. He does.

You know, Brother, true love allows us to see that which lesser heart qualities do not allow us to see. Somewhere in the scriptures you can find these words: The heart sees what the eye doesn't. The purer we become the clearer our inner eye (heart) becomes. This is a very big subject. It bears on the statement in 1 John 4:16, of the New American Standard version, which reads:

16) "And we have come to know and have believed the love which God has for us. God is love, and the one who abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him." I suppose you have heard that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, that Master Fard Muhammad's love for us is greater than a woman's love for her children! Brother, it is love that enables us to endure, as the Bible advises, to the end (which should now be in sight, if we have any eyes with which to see). It is love that empowers us to put up with the 'downs' in trying to uplift our poor people. Love enables us to see what another, who is in a wretched condition, could be IF... . And so when it is said that God is Love, we are also saying that He Sees, or is The Seer. This bears directly on the great preparation He made for the benefit of our people, which involves your Brother, whom you (so far) reject—Minister Farrakhan.

The quality of our emotions has much to do with our ability to see into people, events and things. Our emotions can clarify or distort our perception. So, for example, at certain times of testing, between 1935 and 1975, some left the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, while the rest remained. For example, when tested, in a certain way, in Chicago, in 1970, you left the Nation of Islam. But, and here is what counts: Brother, you have not yet returned! Think it over. How can you rebuild that to which (in terms of principles, or otherwise) you have not yet returned? Your article is an open violation of one of the fundamental principles of Islam! So what are you really building? On whose foundation are you building? You are building on the base of the devil's evil and dying world. Your corporation's name proves it!

Now, I just cannot envision God responding to Moses' prayer for a special helper and God giving to Moses a man who would prove to be a hypocrite, in the final analysis. Yet, that is your view. Your view means God was blind to Aaron or He mocked Moses. I disagree with you, Brother.

Brother, if words mean anything, you are telling the world that Moses prayed to the All Wise God for a helper that he may be successful, and God gave him a hypocrite for a second in command! What is in you—not in God's words—that compels, or drives you, to this conclusion that is so contrary to the clear words of the God you claim to serve? We have to dig into this, my Brother. It may hurt or even anger you. But, we have to do it, if we are to help you. And in a way, we are helping ourselves too. Let's look at the Bible's words in Exodus 4:10. One translation puts it:

10) "Moses said to the Lord, 'Please, Lord, I am no orator now and I never was.'"

11) "The Lord said, 'Who has made man's mouth, ... .'

12) "You, therefore, go and I will be with your mouth: I will teach you what to say.'

13) "But he said, 'O Lord, please send anyone else Thou wilt.'

14) "Then the Lord's indignation burned against Moses. He said, 'Is not Aaron, the Levite, your brother? I know him to be a fluent speaker and he is, besides, coming out to meet you. He will be heartily glad to see you.

15) "'You speak to him and convey to him the message and I will teach you what to say.'

16) "'He shall be your spokesman to the people: for him you shall take the part of God.'

17) "'Take hold of this staff, with which you shall work the signs.'

Most translations use the word "rod" rather than "staff." You can read the rest, if you will. Let's now go to the Holy Qur'an. Surah 20 opens with these words to the Muhammad of today:

1) "O man,

2) "We have not revealed the Qur'an to thee that thou mayest be unsuccessful;

3) "But it is a reminder to him who fears."

After five more wisdom packed verses, we read:

9) "And has the story of Moses come to thee?"

Then we read of the prayer of Moses to Allah:

25) "He said: My Lord, expand my breast for me:

26) "And ease my affair for me:

27) "And loose the knot from my tongue,

28) "(That) they may understand my word.

29) "And give me an aider from my family:

30) "Aaron, my brother;

31) "Add to my strength by him,

32) "And make him share my task—

33) "So that we may glorify Thee much,

34) "And much remember Thee.

35) "Surely, Thou art ever Seeing us.

36) "He said: Thou art indeed granted thy petition, O


Brother, do you think Moses was sincere, and in earnest in his prayer? If you do, then, why do you think Allah would answer his prayer by giving him an enemy? Why would Allah give Moses a hypocrite as his mouthpiece and as his second in command? How do you reason? If God did what you claim He did, He went 100% against His purpose in coming and in raising Moses.

Again, the God would prove to be an evil God, Who would listen to the moaning and groaning, the painful cries of the people, and come to them, raise up Moses and then trick him and the people by giving to them a hypocrite, an enemy to put them in a worse condition than that which He first found them.

By thinking as you do, you miss a very beautiful and profound truth that involves why Allah gave Aaron to Moses and the people. Certainly, Moses, at the start of his mission, made his request out of a certain kind of weakness, that was natural to that stage of his development. However, Allah gave him this special helper out of His power. That power included His knowledge of a future time when Moses would have to come back to Him and Aaron would do a great service for all, during his absence.

This "why" in God, out of which came Moses and Aaron, comes down to us in the "why" of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Louis Farrakhan. These two were divinely made spiritual, moral and physical necessities. But, we can't even get into that kind of wisdom, Brother, as long as you hold the kind of views of divinity that you do, you won't be able to see it. In the condition you are in, with respect of God Himself (Whose wisdom you put down out of a perverse view of yourself), you would further misunderstand. This would send you deeper into hell. Well, I will get into this, a little, but will you understand? Do you know what it means to be "fixed" by God? On page 4, paragraph 3, you wrote: "As early as 1965, Messenger Elijah Muhammad had already foretold the fall of the Nation of Islam and its rise again. Under no prophet other than Moses was there a rise of a new Nation from ex-slaves, who afterwards, in the process of their rising, would fall again and then rise again."

As I wrote earlier, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad mentioned the falling away as early as 1960. It could have been earlier, and I'm relatively sure he did. In August 1961, at the Mosque in Chicago, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad indicated that there would be a falling away of his followers. He covered much. However, he did not go into details on this point. One of the things he said was that Aaron was cleared of false charges leveled against him in the Bible. He cleared Aaron of the responsibility of misleading the people and causing their fall, with the Holy Qur'an. (By the way, even though you were not in the Nation at that time, have you ever learned of that significant meeting?) Is not his position regarding Aaron the correct one and do not the scriptures bear him witness? Where does this leave you? It leaves you opposed to Master Fard Muhammad and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in a very significant area.

He was addressing most of his ministers. I didn't know, at that time, just who his "Aaron" was. However, I knew Malcolm X was not he. Maybe we'll be able to discuss the why. And, Allah made me to know he was not the Honorable Elijah Muhammad's modern "Paul." I didn't know who that man was and would not begin to see the relationship between Paul and Minister Louis Farrakhan until early 1968. It was hazy, at that time, in part because I was not focusing on that. The deepest reason, however, is due to the perfect planning of Allah. And we all are involved in His wonderful plan. It was not as clear to me as was his Aaron like relation to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, until 1970. It was nine months after you and I spent a week together (I as your house guest), in December 1976, that I began to see the relationship of the Paul of the New Testament and Minister Louis Farrakhan. That was twelve (12) years ago this month. And this was to become clearest to me in September 1977.

I'm sure you recall your question to me about how I saw things. I answered in terms of history and scriptures, and all in the light of the words of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Remember? Did I not tell you that when Minister Louis Farrakhan arose, the Nation of Islam would arise? Now, that answer included the history of Antiochus and Judas Maccabees, and so on. Remember? Have not we reclaimed the Temple or Mosque, under Minister Farrakhan? Brother, if you would only look, with a clear mind and heart, you would see the great prophecies, or major parts of the plan of Allah, that have been fulfilled since those conversations. We've covered, or fulfilled, a lot of the Bible and Holy Qur'an (God's plan) since that week in 1976. Do you remember that you agreed to wait until Minister Farrakhan moved to rebuild the Nation? Why couldn't you be patient? Why couldn't you deepen your acceptance of my answers to your questions which you admitted were sound and in accord with the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad? What was at the root of your impatience! Did you have a partly worked out agenda, that you were not sure of? Did what I say and what I wrote, that I later gave you, to advance you in the right way, serve to water weeds and not roses in your being? Was that the fault of the water? Let us both soul search, Brother. What part are you unwittingly fulfilling? It is a bad part. How can you get out of it? You can, if you have a change of heart. What will change your heart, Brother? Will it be truth or God's severe whipping?

Perhaps, one day, we'll be able to explore the theological, personal and historical factors involved in these conclusions. I want you to know that I'm only bearing witness to Allah's truths, that He—in the deepest sense of the word—established before you and I were born, in stating what I do of our Brother, Minister Farrakhan.

It is obvious that you don't think much of your Brother, Minister Farrakhan. Why? What evil has he done to earn your contempt? Look at his work over the last twelve (12) years. Think back over our talks, in December 1976, and afterwards. Again, do you recall what I shared with you, at that time, of my convictions, that Minister Farrakhan was God's choice to lead the effort to lift the name and rebuild the work of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad? Remember, that was nine months before he arose in September 1977. Has he not generated worldwide respect for the Honorable Elijah Muhammad? My Brother, you have not generated anywhere near that kind of honor and respect for the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, since 1977. You have focused on yourself. Is this part of your resentment against Minister Farrakhan that compared to him no one knows you? That kind of comparison comes out of envy. Did you know that? Have you read of what the Holy Qur'an teaches about the envy that would be manifested at this time, when the END has come?

What is the root of his success? Could he have done this, with all the opposition he has, if Master Fard Muhammad and the

Honorable Elijah Muhammad were not with and backing him? His work speaks for itself. Are not the dead being raised? Are not the eyes of the blind being opened, as never before? Are we not hearing the word of God better than ever? Are not the Christian pastors understanding the Honorable Elijah Muhammad better coming through the magnificent efforts of Minister Farrakhan?

We could go on and deeper. Instead, as we get near the end of this letter, I'm raising a few questions I really hope you'll answer. Why did you decide to use this method of writing the Ministers of Minister Farrakhan? This is underhanded. I'm going on the reasonable assumption that your National Spokesman acted on your instructions, or I expect you to publicly reprimand him.

Why did you focus on Aaron's fall and not his repentance and good work, for which Allah himself honors him? Why do you slander those whom Allah honors? What is the quality of evil that makes people do this—especially to a good person? Do you really dislike Minister Farrakhan that much—since we both know Aaron is clearly a (not the only) sign of our Brother—Minister Louis Farrakhan? Why do you dislike—or hate him? What is the root of this hate? If I'm mistaken, set me straight. Are you subconsciously disappointed with Allah, in relation to Minister Farrakhan? Are you subconsciously angry with Allah? That is how Cain was by Abel. He reacted to God's rejections of his offer and His acceptance of Abel's by killing Abel. This manifested his hatred of God. And this hatred of God and his brother involved his self hatred. He did not make a good offer because he misperceived his own gifts ( and thus his place) in the divine order. In short, he put down his own gifts and assumed the position and status of another, who was able to do what he was not so (or not at all) suited for. Jealousy and envy - of the two envy is the worse. Are you envious of your Brother - Minister Louis Farrakhan? When you slander another, when you seek to divest/or rob another of his/her reputation, you are a kind of a murderer, Brother. Am I seeing you wrongly? Or does your heart conceal a level of hatred borne out of envy, in its worst and most malignant form, that has not yet been manifested?

Brother, I only want to understand you better and help you if I can. Let me know what you think of this letter. Let me know where you differ and why? And I want you to understand me better. I'm sure you agree, this is the most dangerous time in the history of our Nation, the world, and in history. Can we really afford to differ and misunderstand each other? No. Your rejection is not a matter of honest misunderstanding. You are envious of your Brother, Minister Farrakhan, or so it seems to me. Do you know what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught about envy, Brother? How low in the eyes of Allah is an envious person? Read chapter 13 of the book I gave you, early in 1977. It's titled, "Envy." If you have misplaced it, I'll send it to you.

I want you to know, however, that I think you can come out of your condition and rise to spiritual and moral heights you now would hardly believe.

Now even when and where we differ, if our motives are good, we can draw closer and closer and finally become united through good dialogue and Allah's power and love. (Holy Qur'an 19:96). If one side or the other have bad motives, Allah can help us, if we try to make a turn to Him. And even in this effort, we must have the help of Allah. Make this turn, Brother.

This is a large country. We have millions and millions of our poor suffering people who sorely need the wisdom God revealed to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Why should not we who say we love him and what he gave us cast aside that which separates us for the good of our people—and our own good, too? And, what separates us, Brother Muhammad? You say you love truth. This letter is loaded with truth, to which I am only one of many witnesses. Will you accept it? To hate your brother, without a just cause, is to put yourself in danger of God's punishing judgment. And, to be unforgiving when you ought to is to bring down on yourself His wrath.

This is the day of judgment. We have all we can do to get ourselves together in order to be accepted by Allah, which brings me to the mention of repentance. And we don't have much time left before the great divine whipping comes down on this world.

Over and again Allah, Himself, assures us that He will accept our sincere repentance. And it must be in time. And it must not be like that of Cain. I once read a saying of Muhammad that goes something like this: Allah released one part of His mercy and saved the other 99 parts for the Days of Judgment. Doesn't this remind you of that verse that if Allah were to punish humanity for sin, He would leave no body alive at all on the earth? (So we are here due to his mercy).

My Brother, I ask you again, does this include you? Your article testifies that you, like the rest of us, are in need of the extraordinary grace coming through Minister Farrakhan! He did not choose himself. He is an instrument of Allah of great value. When you turn him down, Allah and His Christ turn you down. Do you know why this is true?

Even though your article is not yet finished, it is clear that you have concluded what you have about prophet Aaron and he of whom that man was a sign. All one needs to do is to compare your words to the words of Allah about Aaron, and it becomes clear, among other things, that your ultimate disagreement is with Allah. This goes for all who think like you. I hope this letter will cause you to re-think your position and that you become lined up with the thinking and attitude of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad about the prophets—all of whom were the best of the people of those days, so you can get in divine tune with these times.

You cannot deny the great respect and honor Allah grants to them in plain words in the Holy Qur'an.

Just why haven't you accepted Aaron's repentance? Moses did and prayed for him. And Allah accepted his repentance. Why don't you? What makes you think you are better than Allah and His Christ? If you did wrong, and you repented of it, and if Allah accepted it and your restored relation to Him and to others, how would you feel if someone brought up your past flawed behavior? More important, what do you think Allah thinks of that? What do you think Allah thinks of that person? Who are we to reject those whom Allah has forgiven and accepted? Why not rejoice over one who has gotten back into a good relation with his/her Creator and with others? You have put yourself in the position you claim for Aaron and Minister Louis Farrakhan. You are a hypocrite, my Brother. Your own words say this of you.

It seems to me that once Allah has decided an affair and given His judgment, in whatever way He chooses, it behooves us to make His judgment our judgment (Holy Qur'an 33:36). Are you better in making judgment than Allah's? Is your ability to think better than His? This is what your article is saying. You need to change by acknowledging the truth and by repenting.

You may say, who are you to so advise me? I'm just a believer and a struggling soul, like millions of others, who were lucky enough to learn a little from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and from my Brother, the Honorable Louis Farrakhan. And I'm not being modest. Furthermore, I've read and seen, for thirty five (35) years, what Allah does with and for those who seek to exalt themselves, as you have done; especially at the expense of others.

I want to see you successful in the work the Honorable Louis Farrakhan is generating—the building of a Nation for and of self - on the orders of Allah and His Christ. However, you have not started that work. You have not come into your true greatness yet. Re-read this previous sentence. You will make that start when you accept the man (Minister Louis Farrakhan) whom Master Fard Muhammad and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad are backing to do a wondrous work for us - you included. Meanwhile, your work is that of a hypocritical false christ. You are a little anti- christ. You seek to take the place of another, while Allah has a glorious place for you, if you could but see and accept it.

When you finish your article and if I'm able to read it, I'll explain why I refer to Minister Louis Farrakhan as "The Honorable ...". I intend to also more fully comment on your use of the words of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in "Message To The Blackman", Pages 252-53. Let me also urge you to read the definition the Honorable Elijah Muhammad gave in "Our Saviour Has Arrived", Page 150, and in "Message To The Blackman", Page 140, paragraph 2.

I know you may not want to, at this time, but get Minister Farrakhan's speech, to be made next month. He has indicated that he is going to make a statement about Master Fard Muhammad that, well, frankly, you need to hear. We all need to deepen our relation to Him—-don't you agree? Further, you need to get it to see if you disagree. You owe it to your followers, to us and to the world, to make corrections—especially, Brother, as long as you regard yourself as you do.

Allow these brief comments on what I referred to, two paragraphs ago. Islam, taught the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, means submission to the will of Allah, in the person of Master Fard Muhammad. This is a call to the highest form, or level, of wisdom and righteousness; never before witnessed. If you agree that He is God, remember, as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught, He only recently visited us—59 years ago. And, as you know, it won't be 59 years since His first (in person) meeting with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad until a year from now, to this very month.

So His wisdom and righteous rule is in the dawn of its effect. Please read, in "Message To The Blackman", what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote of the name "Fard" beginning on Page 141. On the next page he wrote that, "We are now living in the early morning of the seventh thousand years." I hope you'll read it all. Then on Page 135, on the meaning of the name Fard— in Chapter 23—"He (Allah) Makes All Things New," he makes it crystal clear that and why we are all obligated to obey Him, Master Fard Muhammad. The more we love Allah, and His Christ, the more we'll be in obedience to Him. (Allah, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad).

With the meaning of the name FARD, in mind, let us return to Holy Qur'an 5:25, from the A. Yusuf Ali translation. Here I'm getting a little into why I said that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Louis Farrakhan are spiritual, moral and physical necessities). It reads:

25) "He said: 'O my Lord! I have power only over myself and

my brother: So separate us from this Rebellious people!"

Note the word "separate," which is also translated "distinguish." His footnote, #728 is revealing. He wrote:

#728—"Moses and Aaron fell on their faces before all the assembly of the congregation," (Num. xiv. 5). According to the words in the Old Testament story, God said: "I will smite them with the pestilence, and disinherit them," (Num. xiv. 12). Moses prayed and interceded. But as we are told here, (a spiritual touch not found in the Jewish story), Moses was careful to separate himself and his brother from the rebellion. (Notice, that among other things, God whipped the leaders of the rebellion with an earthquake.)

What rebellion, Brother Muhammad? Could it be that Korah's rebellion and the evil work of the Samiri is the same evil work, during the same time period, and that it prophetically points towards the work that occurred on the departure of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad; the effects of which are still with us?

Remember, Brother, the rebellion Mr. Yusuf Ali speaks of, was not only against Moses, but also against Aaron. Read Numbers, Chapter 16. You are in open opposition against the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Minister Louis Farrakhan and therefore, on the side of the modern Korah, Samiri, etc. Get out of this position, Brother, before Allah's terrible chastisement falls. See in "Message To The Blackman", the same pages you cited, plus page 306.

In the translation, edited by Mr. Farid, he puts it this way (5:26):

26) "He said, 'My Lord, I have control only over myself and

my brother, therefore distinguish Thou between us and the rebellious people.'"

Part of his footnote (734) reads:

" ... The word Rajul (man) is expressive of manliness and courage. That these two brave men were Moses and Aaron themselves may also be inferred from the fact that Moses prayed for himself and his brother, Aaron (5:26). God does not name these two men but simply speaks of them as 'two

brave men' in order to praise their manliness and courage and also to condemn by implication the cowardice of the other Israelites who were with them."

The protective effect of his prayer covers those with them. And this is key towards becoming "fixed" like them.

If this verse refers to Moses' power, and/or control over Aaron, what are we to learn? What bearing does this have on the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Louis Farrakhan?

Here is the briefest way I can put it. Aaron was produced by God to serve Moses, in a special way. He could not do other than what he did, any more than Moses. These men were fixed by God and guided by Him to serve as they did. Their lives were ordered in advance, by Allah, for our benefit.

No, I'm not saying they were robots. I am saying that these were the best two men, of their day, in terms of their loving capacity to receive, and obey-with love-the wisdom of God. They were the best two to be examples for others; to instruct others and to lead others, under different circumstances.

No, Aaron was not on the same level as Moses. However, both men were necessities in the work of God at that time.

What I've just wrote of Moses and Aaron stands true of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Louis Farrakhan. The prime differences is that these two, whom we have with us, are greater than Moses and Aaron.

The verse, that I cited, puts us in a somewhat better position to see something of their being "fixed" and "necessities." And this introduces the last points I wish to make in this letter.

Brother, Surah 85 is called "The Stars." Muhammad of 14 centuries ago compared his followers to the stars. However, it is clear today, (in the full Light of the presence of God) that that man and his followers were but signs of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his followers. Now, Brother, all of the stars were not created and put out in space at the same time. They are not at the same distances from our solar system. They are not of the same sizes. But they are all stars and all of them bear the stamp of the one God, Allah. If you notice, the stars seem fixed. They also seem fixed in their relative positions to each other. This is also true of the planets, which look like the stars, in a general way. There are differences in their make up. The water, as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught, is not the same. And there is more that he said on this. Let's move on.

Now, what is one of the benefits of this? Guidance-if we are out at sea or traveling the desert. Now, remember, I'm not writing of the falling stars. Such are signs of hypocrites as described in Jude that is next to last (#65) in the Bible most of us read. However, I am including those who fall and get up and into the mercy of Allah). And, so it is with the followers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, of whom the stars are signs. Read page 18 of "Muhammad Speaks", 4-30-71, titled Hypocrites.

Allah created the Sun before he created the stars. Likewise, Master Fard Muhammad produced the Honorable Elijah Muhammad before followers were produced. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad referred to Minister Farrakhan as "a star without equal." So he had to be "fixed" next or second. He once told the Minister that he wanted his mind. This means he wanted control over his Minister. And, he got it. When we have knowledge and love for God and His Christ, we give ourselves in obedience to them. The greater the knowledge, the greater the love can be. The greater the love, the greater the obedience can be. (I know I am putting this in oversimplified terms. The details are elsewhere). When our knowledge and love and obedience reaches a certain stage—a certain critical stage—then the person gets into a set kind of orbit, as it were, around the Sun (Christ). That stage is never passed successfully without pain, however. Accept the pain. It is part of the process. And when the person passes this most critical of all such stages they cannot retrogress, or go backwards. At this point, the follower becomes a "fixed star." Naturally some persons are produced ahead of others that they may serve those who come after them; to help them to also become fixed stars in the heavenly constellation.

So, Brother, to reject the spiritual fixed star, or stars, is to remain in the darkness of ignorance and evil. And, this is like being on the desert, or on the ocean, unable to see Sun, Moon or Stars. You can never mature into a star by yourself in the dark. In that condition, your compass, or your sextant, is useless. Whatever you have to help guide you is helpless. This is a terrible condition to be in, especially if you were once in the light. And you were once in the light, Brother. You were on your way towards becoming a star. You choose, however, to walk away, Brother. Remember, unlike physical stars which fall, you can rise—only with Allah's help—after your fall.

Think, if you will, Brother, on those who followed the Honorable Elijah Muhammad who now refuse Minister Louis Farrakhan, who has been produced to guide others in this dark hour. Well, they have had no more divine success than they have had, since the departure of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad because they rejected his instructions, which included that they should support Minister Louis Farrakhan, from their hearts.

Note this well, you don't read of any punishment of Aaron on the return of Moses. The Samiri was punished; but not Aaron. Korah was punished; not Aaron. Why? He was not guilty of the false charges of the wicked. No prophet of God is guilty of what the wicked have or would charge them with. Nor are those of whom they are signs, guilty of the same.

Have you thought deeply over the position of Aaron, after Korah's rebellion ended? And what of Numbers 17? That chapter, so it seems to me, was further confirmation of his divine place in the order of things that God was setting up. How does this fit in with the current situation we are witnessing today? Can we ignore the relevance of this chapter to Minister Louis Farrakhan's position relative to that of all others who claim the seat of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad such as you? No!

The budding of Aaron's rod, is the subject of Chapter 17 of Numbers. But really, the subject is about the confirmation of Aaron's position, in the divine order of things, which was made cloudy in the minds of most of the people, due to Korah's rebellion, and because of the nature of their own corruption. Remember, "Everything written in the Bible was written to give us a picture of today"—said the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. "Everything." Do you believe his words, Brother?

Look at the words of the 17th chapter of Numbers. God told Moses to write each man's name on his own rod. Many scholars state that there was one rod which was Moses' rod! He was told to put Aaron's name on a particular rod. The rods were then put in a certain place. In chapter 17 of Numbers we read: "The rod of the man whom I have chosen will then produce shoots. In this way I shall relieve Myself of the complaints which the people of Israel are continually lodging against you." Brother, the "you" here is the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Your complaints against Minister Farrakhan reflects a deep seated animosity towards him- the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and ultimately against his Teacher. If this is not clear in this letter, perhaps it will become clearer in the next. (I'm mostly using the "Master Study Bible—New American Standard").

On the next morning, when Moses entered the tent, only one rod had sprouted. Only one rod produced blossoms. It was Aaron's rod.

One other translation puts it this way:

4) "You shall then deposit them in the tent of meeting in front of the tent of the testimony, where I meet with you.

5) "And it will sprout. Thus I shall lessen from upon Myself the grumblings of the sons of Israel, who are grumbling against you."

Then in verse 7 we read:

"So Moses deposited the rods before the Lord in the tent of the testimony."

Verse 8 states that only the rod of Aaron sprouted and produced blossoms.

Finally in verses 10 and 11 we read:

10) "But the Lord said to Moses, 'Put back the rod of Aaron before the testimony to be kept as a sign against the rebels, that you may put an end to their grumblings against Me, so that they should not die.'

11) "Thus Moses did; just as the Lord had commanded him, so he did."

How deep was this opposition? Why was it also against Aaron? How was Korah able to get that kind of "power"? Who were the 250 men of renown? How does this number relate to the 250 that David's son led against David? Again, how does the Samiri, mentioned in the Holy Qur'an, fit into this picture and how did he (or they) relate to Korah and his rebellion? And why was all of this written up, as it is, in both Bible and Holy Qur'an?

Again, what of the peaceful and wonderful establishment-on a much better base of brotherly relationship between Joseph and his brothers? Think deep, Brother. Joseph's brothers thought to kill him. However, by the blessings of Allah it all turned out well. Do you remember Joseph's words, in the 50th chapter of Genesis, to his brothers, as they settled their differences, and united? Again, did you know that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad has said and written that everything written in the Bible was written to give us a picture of today? How do you fit in the picture, at this time? There is still time to change. Will you?

I've read your book. Twice. I guess you did the best you could. Your book is shallow. It doesn't deserve the praise your National Spokesman gave it. This is not a put down and not mockery. Too many facts are left out. Maybe you don't know them. I don't know. I do know that your book explains next to nothing of what you set out to explain, which has been done by others.

Yes, I know good advances us and evil retards our spiritual growth and moral development. So, Aaron fell. If you are going to harp on that, fix on that, and ignore all else in his life, then what do you think of events in the life of the other prophets that seemingly were not so good—by general standards— or even by the divine rules of those times and circumstances into which they entered to bring deeper understanding of the divine?

Again, how did Aaron perform after his fall and before Moses returned? How did Peter perform after his fall? Certainly, he is admired in Christian circles (at least). They both preached and acted with strength after their falls. Their falls were divinely intended as part of their preparation to serve others.

You would agree, I hope, that there are several very unique, unusual and extraordinary aspects in the whole of our condition in this country. We present a problem so complex, so profound, so intricate that only the Wisest Being Who ever lived, or Who ever will live, can resolve it.

The wisdom and the methods Master Fard Muhammad has, and is using, the way He prepared the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and is preparing us, generally—is so beyond the wisdom of anyone the wisest of this world is acquainted with, that we,—in deed everyone—are really just like very little babies to Him (Master Fard Muhammad). The Christ and the seven scientists (of Rev. 15), are among those very few who are way beyond us and are not in the "little baby" category. Of course, they have reached the stage they have reached by the power of Allah.

I know, or I assume, you are well aware, that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that most everything in the Bible and Holy Qur'an teaches us of people, conditions, circumstances and events of the times in which we live. Everything we see, hear and experience bears witness to the truth of his words.

The prophets were signs of him-Honorable Elijah Muhammad. In some instances, some of the incidents in the lives of some of the prophets were signs of that which would occur in the lives of some of his followers. I don't like to get into this because in our immaturity and before we get a sufficient degree of false pride out of ourselves, we often posture or assume more than we should about ourselves. We are warned not to do this, by Allah, but to have a healthy self-respect. And that can't develop unless we submit to His will. This involves loving obedience, which as it improves we eventually become one with Him.

Now, the healthier our self respect the easier it is to submit to His will. And the more we submit to Him, or agree with God, out of the proper spirit, the more healthy we become. Part of the health, of which I'm writing, is humility. This quality enables us to be open to the expertise of others.

You, as I've already stated, in this letter, have rejected the expertise of God, respecting Aaron, His prophets and other related realities.

Many of us fail to grasp why certain aspects of history repeats itself and how. So many of us have never studied types and anti-types, history's process and the laws that determine or govern that process. And so, in short, we make a general bungle of things. You are an example of this, my Brother.

Nevertheless, our misunderstandings of this and that not only does not stop Allah from doing what He intends, He factors into His work those "negative" factors. We may totally misunderstand, for example, hurtful experiences we've had; or understand in part. In such instances, our development is stunted unless and until we make the effort to see more of the matter from the viewpoint of Allah - Who is the All-Seeing One, and then act from this greater understanding. So, even though you, for example, are way off the path of Allah, the God factored you (and your work) into His plans. Connect this to what is written in Numbers 17. You are fulfilling the sign left by anyone of those, who claimed to be what Aaron was, and whose rod did not bud. You, (and others who make such false claims) serve to give the public a means of comparison to help them see principles God is establishing through what He is setting up. Look at Minister Farrakhan's work. God backs it. He does not back you, nor any of us, in opposing His aims and purposes.

Let's go deeper. Some "negatives" are evil in nature. Other "negatives" cannot be classified as evil, or sin, as such, or in the usual or common sense of the word. How far we go, (and I can't go so far, or deep, as my insight is limited) depends on how you complete what you are going to state in upcoming articles, or in what you may revise, in the light of answers you may receive from Ministers of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan.

Of course, Brother, we can be mistaken, or in error over our place in the divine order of things. We can misread and misinterpret the word of God. The first leads to the second and the second can reinforce the first, and on it goes, until Allah clears up our minds. That occurs only after we cry out to Him. If we then react rightly, He will clear up our hearts. Then we can be of better service in His divine work. By the way, what is your understanding of what He'll do if we totally reject Him? My view is He will severely whip us. And if we continue to reject Him, He will destroy us. He does not need us. We need Him, as we need food, air or water in order to exist. Nevertheless, He loves us like no one else could or would! So if He decides to get rid of us, it would be rough, in the light of His love.

Have you ever heard of a sin that Allah will not ever forgive us for? Here is a little on that subject. In Matthew 12:31, 32, we read, in one translation, "Therefore, I say unto you, any sin and blasphemy shall not be forgiven. And whoever shall speak a word against the Son of Man, it shall be forgiven him; but whoever shall speak against the Holy Spirit; it shall not be forgiven him, either in this age, or in the age to come."

Another puts these same verses this way: "All sins and slanders are forgivable against men, but slander against the spirit will not be forgiven. If one should speak a word against the Son of Man he may be forgiven, but if he speaks against the Holy Spirit it will not be forgiven him either in this world or the next."

If the Holy Spirit represents someone or a force that is inferior to Him Who sends him, then the Source, or the Sender is greater than the sent. Why then should an evil word spoken against the Sender be forgiven and yet a word spoken against the sent not be forgiven? Could it be that there were circumstances that made it extraordinarily difficult for the people to really get in tune with, or in obedience to the Sender, Who factored in those circumstances and made allowances for the ignorance and weakness of the people? Could it be that the sent was sent at the most favorable time—made that way by the Sender, out of His grace—for the people to get in line with the Sender through the sent? If then the sent is rejected, in the most favorable of times... well, such rejectors must go to hell. What else is left? Where can they go? Even in hell, however, there is mercy. Of course, one can go outside of His mercy. That gets us into the classification of the "unforgivable". Remember, the Holy Qur'an teaches He created or produced all for His mercy. To go outside of the reach of this quality of His is worse than death, especially when Allah said, in His Holy Qur'an, that He created everything for His mercy. To get beyond His mercy is like trying to get out of the universe. We become like that which is outside of creation—nothing. Does this cast light on: "C" grade?

Again, my Brother, in John 15:23, we read where the Jesus figure states: "He who hates me hates my Father also." This has a double reference. Verse 25 reads: "They hated me without a cause." This refers to Master Fard Muhammad and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and later, to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Minister Louis Farrakhan.

What do you think of the words of the Jesus figure that he will send a helper, in his name, who will bear witness of him who sent him, mentioned in John 14:16, 26; 15:26; 16:7-15? Do you take this helper to be yourself? What have you taught and done and produced in twelve (12) years that justifies your claims about yourself? Nothing!

In the "Good News Bible" we read, in John 14:16, "I will ask the Father, and He will give you another helper...". In verse 21:

"Whoever accepts my commandments and obeys them is the one who loves me. My Father will love who loves me; I too will love him and reveal myself to him."

Verse 23 reads: "Whoever loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love him, and my Father and I will come to him and live with him." Her (the female) too, Brother. How do you understand these words, Brother Muhammad? What will it take for you to learn that your rejection of Minister Farrakhan is in direct disobedience to clear instructions the Honorable Elijah Muhammad gave to his Ministers the last time he saw them at his home? That was December 7, 1974. He told them he would remove those who would speak evil of Minister Farrakhan.

In verses 25 and 26 you may find these words: "I have told you this while I am still with you. The helper... whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you everything and make you remember all that I have told you." I am sorry, Brother, but Minister Farrakhan and not you have done this work, since 1977.

In 15:26, of this same translation , are these words, about this "helper": "I will send him to you from the Father, and he will speak about me." Minister Farrakhan was told by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to not worry over where he was in the scriptures; but to make his (the Honorable Elijah Muhammad's) great commission known, and he would represent him to the world. The Minister has been doing that in a magnificent way. Brother Muhammad, he could not do as he has unless he had taken the seat of our father.

Verse 27 says: "And you, too, will speak about me, because you have been with me from the beginning." Now, Brother, will those who speak (verse 27) be in unity with the helper of verse 26? If not they would be opposed to the Father and the "Jesus". I believe, on the other hand, that this refers to other believers who would stand with Minister Farrakhan, and with intelligence, truth and boldness declare God's truth on this side of calvery!

Is there any connection between rejecting this helper, of whom the Jesus figure spoke, and the unpardonable sin? Yes! What makes it that kind of sin?

When Peter asked Jesus how many times out we to forgive (Matthew 18:21) others who sin against us, the answer was "seven times seven." And this is a true saying. Yet, there is sin which Allah hates so much that He says, in the Holy Qur'an; "Ask forgiveness for them or ask not forgiveness for them. Even if you ask forgiveness for them seventy times Allah will not forgive them. This is because they disbelieve in Allah and His Messenger. And Allah guides not the transgressing people" 9:80. This points to those in the deepest level of hypocrisy. 9:76, 77. Clearly, their disbelief is of the worst sort.

Now, look well into what we are reading in 9:77., wherein it is written that Allah "requitted them with hypocrisy in their hearts till the day when they meet Him, because they broke their promise with Allah and because they lied."

Remember, we all wrote our letters, or otherwise declared to Allah our faith.

If you look at the entire context in which verse 77 appears, it is clear that here is a situation in which a confederation of enemies have made their biggest, final and most concerted effort to destroy the servant (and the servants of Allah).

This evil confederation "...purposed that which they could not attain. And they sought revenge only because Allah—as well as His Messenger—had enriched them out of His grace." 9:74. Such ingratitude! Such blindness! What kind of person rejects this kind of enrichment? And, who could help such Brother or Sister except the Divine Supreme Being Himself!

Now 9:75 and 76 points to a group in this larger group, who as it seems, rejects grace twice (verses 74-76).

In l961, the devils had a "cartoon" in the Esquire magazine. It showed the Honorable Elijah Muhammad at whom satan aimed these words, "If we could get rid of this man we could have a glorious future." One man, from their view, stood between the white race—and the entire world of wickedness—and their vision of their future. (The cartoon omitted Master Fard Muhammad).

It is written by the learned that to try to kill Muhammad was, in effect, to try to kill all of humanity. As it was then, in 1961, so it is now in 1989. Minister Louis Farrakhan is regarded as public enemy #1 by the wicked—including certain envious hypocrites. The wicked think to get rid of him as the key person out of an around whom the move for liberation for Black people—here and elsewhere—comes. They feel that if they can get rid of him, they would have ended the threat to their future. Some hypocrites think to unseat him and gain "power."

Did you know that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said he would get all of his people through Minister Louis Farrakhan? Do you know what this means? So, to think or try to kill the Minister is to try to block the Honorable Elijah Muhammad from saving our people. To slander him is to side with satan—the slanderer. In your slander of the Minister, Brother Muhammad, you have sided with satan—the accuser of the righteous.

In one of his articles that now appears in one of his books, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote that the aim of this world was to get rid of him and the Nation of Islam. Even though we have been forbidden to carry weapons, this government is trying desperately to destroy the Nation of Islam. They have been at this for years. I am sure that you know that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us of those particular hypocrites, who are with the "big" devil. In footnote 1074, in the Holy Qur'an, Muhammad Ali wrote, "They were in secret alliance with the enemies of Islam and did their best to put an end to the life of the Prophet and bring about the extirpation of Islam."

As it was, so it is. Not everyone of us who have fallen into hypocrisy consciously works with America to destroy the Nation of Islam. Not every person in the government works to destroy the Nation. We do have "friends" in the government. They are not directing the wicked policy meant to destroy Minister Farrakhan and the Nation. However, whenever we fall into hypocrisy we are in a state of opposition to our own selves, and we further the devil's aim, even if it is but a fraction of a degree. I am not saying, again, that every one who is into hypocrisy (which is a disease that for the most part is curable) realizes that they are furthering the devil's aims against the truth, the Nation of Islam and even themselves. The Holy Qur'an says "...they are mischief-makers while they perceive not." Faith cures hypocrisy. That's the antidote.

As a group out from the hypocrites did their best to kill Muhammad and Islam, so do we have today those who are in the lowest grade of hypocrisy working to kill Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. So verses 75 and 76 of Surah 9, it seems to me, points out the worst ones—who reject grace twice. To me, this refers to those who not only rejected the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, but now also rejects Minister Farrakhan, and seek his death. To this group is added those who were not around, prior to 1975, or were not hypocrites at that time. Those are the ones the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to me on February 19, 1971, would be the future hypocrites. It looks bad for most of these brothers and sisters. However, the history of Yusuf (Joseph) in the Holy Qur'an, and other facts hold out more than hope for almost everyone of us.

How do you see yourself in this situation? Again, how does this relate to the unpardonable sin? What kind of sin could be so gross, so wicked, so evil, and so indecent, so unjust, and so gross that God Himself, Who is the Source, or Origin of love, cannot and will not forgive? How does this sin relate to the sin of the son of perdition?

Surely you agree that the worst of the hypocrites are the "self-righteous?" Are not false messiahs among the worst? Surely, Brother Silis Muhammad, the intensity of evil against the rise of our people; against Black leadership; and against Minister Louis Farrakhan in particular, has been formed into the most awesome plan that the white race and their imps have ever devised against the God of Heaven. Are you unwittingly and blindly a part of the government's evil planning?

Just imagine that the final effort of the man that Yakub made, in his 6,000-year-old fight against God, is now in effect. Just think, we are living in the very time and place of the great showdown between Yakub's man and Master Fard Muhammad's man (the Honorable Elijah Muhammad,) on one level, and one the most visible level between the United States government and the Honorable Louis Farrakhan—the Honorable Elijah Muhammad's "Aaron"—(and the Nation of Islam). This is that great and dreadful Day of the Lord. This is that time of trouble that would come that has never been seen, as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, in over 70 trillion years; nor shall such a time ever come again. The question I ask you, Brother Silis Muhammad, is where do you stand? Right now you stand with the enemies of Allah, His Christ and your people, due in part of your unjust hatred of your Brother!

I ask you Brother Silis Muhammad, what evil has Minister Farrakhan really done that justifies your hatred of him? None!

We read in the 18th chapter of the Holy Qur'an of a people so wicked that on the Day of Judgment their deeds won't be weighed . They will be destroyed with fierce and swift justice. It will be with the greatest outpouring of the wrath of God, the Almighty; yet it contains a residue, as it were, of the mercy He had before displayed. This is about to go down, when a certain set of specific events occur. It is in motion now. If the wicked back off, they benefit. Re-think, Brother, and pray. Let us all take advantage of Holy Qur'an 40:60—quick.

(Let me insert, right here, words from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad that you can change on paper, if you want to,—even as you have changed his program in your newspaper. Look in "Message To The Blackman," page 257, paragraph 7 and 8; page 263, paragraph 4 and 5. All of this is about the very terrible whipping Allah is about to give all of us who don't get out of the wrong path, such as the one you are in. It's the chastisement. See also page 297, paragraphs 5-8. It will be awful. You won't be able to sleep... or pray... . Then the Holy Qur'an 22:1-2... . It's frightening!)

Those who are in secret alliances, with some of the devils, against God and what He is establishing, did their best to kill the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. They failed. Now they have that same spirit respecting the Honorable Louis Farrakhan and we who are with him. These too will fail.

What all is involved in the works these wicked people are doing as they do their absolute best to destroy Islam as represented by Minister Louis Farrakhan, who is backed by Master Fard Muhammad and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad? Before I conclude this point, my Brother, I have to warn you that you are in a dangerous position because you are on the wrong side of God and the Christ in your opposition to Minister Louis Farrakhan. I am only doing the brotherly thing by you, as you and your National Spokesman indicated, you are trying to do by us who follow Minister Farrakhan. I'm not engaging in name calling nor slander! I'm not coming from a big "I" nor a holier than you view or state of mind. I really see you as blowing your salvation.

Please read Revelation 11:1, 2, and 18; 15:7; 7:3, chapter 16, in addition to the verses above in "Message To The Blackman."

Here is another vital principle that I am going to lay before you. A few nights before Saviour's Day 1972, while spanking a Brother, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, "Whenever you accuse an innocent man of that which he did not do, the heavens and the earth cries out for justice for the innocent man. And the punishment he would have gotten fails on the head of his accuser." It was extremely quiet, for a while. You cold have heard a small straight pin drop on cotton. To me, it is highly significant that after the silence that followed those words, it was Minister Farrakhan—and no one else—who gently raised the question of repentance. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, "Oh, yes, Brother, repentance is acceptable." Then he gave the terms, "If the accusation was open then the confession must be open and it must be in time." That experience at the Honorable Elijah Muhammad's dinner table, that night, was an indicator of things to come; for it was Minister Farrakhan who was an indicator of things to come; for it was Minister Farrakhan who was an indicator of things to come; for it was Minister Farrakhan who was prepared and sent by God and His Servant to provide extraordinary grace for a fallen people, after a silence of the preaching of God's words for thirty (30) months. Thirty two months (32) after the departure of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Minister Louis Farrakhan announced he would rebuild the Nation of Islam.

Brother Silis Muhammad, for your sake, and the sake of your followers, repent, and do it in time. We are all in such time, Brother. This is what Minister Farrakhan teaches. The direct word of God, through the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and the scriptures back him up.

So, how does all of this relate to the unpardonable sin? We were warned by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, from his divine understanding of Surah 113, of the time of the most intense darkness brought on by the final conflict, which is rooted in God's desire to establish righteousness and peace contrasted to satan's desire to have his wicked will enforced forever. We are all but in that year now. Slander is a big factor bringing it about.

As I have indicated elsewhere, I hope that you'll read what I have written elsewhere, in greater detail, about the unpardonable sin and about grace, especially the extraordinary grace Allah has manifested in the work of Minister Farrakhan.

In the mid 60's the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said Allah was going to bring down the full measure of His chastisement. He said it publicly and he wrote it publicly. It did not happen. Some people have gone astray thinking that he did not know what he was talking about. I am among a few of us, however, who heard him say, after those public declarations, that he had privately begged God for more time. (Later I learned of his prayers for the good future of Minister Farrakhan). And, it was in that time period that Minister Farrakhan was moved from Boston to New York City. That was 1965. In 1967 he was made National Spokesman and in 1968—three years after moving him to New York City—the Honorable Elijah Muhammad began introducing to the Minister deeper knowledge of himself. It may have been 1969 when the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Minister Farrakhan fulfilled the words wherein Jesus said to Peter, "Upon this rock I will build my church (or house) and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." What do you know of those discussions, Brother? What do you know of that correspondence, Brother?

Brother Silis Muhammad, I don't doubt that you heard and learned much, directly or indirectly, from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, but you simply did not hear everything that other people heard. My God, Brother, you left the Nation, on your own, around 1970, and when you and I got together in December 1976, you were even unaware that I had written a book about him—"This Is The One"—and we were on good terms with each other.

There were unusually great things done by Minister Farrakhan, and others, during that time, under the direction of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, of which you were ignorant. I'm not saying that the six or seven years you were in the Nation, before you left, disqualifies you from knowing much and being much. Indeed not. You are a man of great capacity, but you are wasting your talents.

May I say this right here, that if you can overcome the arguments; that are mathematical, scriptural, and rooted in the laws that govern the process of history and that are thoroughly scientific, that I set forth in a highly condensed way in that book ("This Is The One"), that has direct application to the witness that I gave to you, in person, in December 1976, of Minister Farrakhan, and right up to this very moment, I will admit that I am wrong and I will beg you forgiveness and I will follow you. You can only overcome my convictions with truths greater than what I have learned from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, as you are doing. But, so what? That counts for nothing.

I repeat, overcome me, with truth, and I'll leave the Minister and follow you. And if you don't, and you can't, come on and follow the Minister, as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad wanted all of us to do, Brother.

Did you not know that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad publicly stated that the Minister would get us safely across the river on his shoulders? That was before around 3,000 in 1972. Do you know what that means, Brother? Did he tell you that, Brother? When? Where? Who were the witnesses?

You are not the only person whom the Honorable Elijah Muhammad referred to as a spiritual son, or a spiritual daughter. By the way, the same offer that I have just made to you, I have made to followers of Warith Deen Muhammad, who attempted to persuade me to their position on the basis of slander, half-truths and the like. I think if we want to convince each other, let us do so in a manner that is pleasing in the nostrils and in the eyes of Almighty God Allah. No threats. No slander. No false pride. Just truth and humility.

To wrap up this point about the unpardonable sin, (that I have gone somewhat into) I am saying to you, and to whoever reads this letter, that the nature of the problem that we are in, of which the slaves under the Biblical Pharaoh and Egypt were but signs, requires the most extraordinary measure of divine love and grace. If God had destroyed this country and chastised all the people, in the worst way, in the mid-60's, He would have been justified in doing so. However, He has imposed on Himself the resolution of this problem, at this time, (in a manner that preserves more lives than would otherwise be the case), because it is absolutely time for the re-creation of the people of the earth and the re-creation of the heavens and earth. The nature of His nature requires Him to do this work in the way that He has. And He can't be overcome. Read page 19 of "Fall Of America" paragraphs 1-3.

In the beginning, the first God, our of His love, started the creation that comes down to us today, which includes ourselves. His nature required this work. So it is with Master Fard Muhammad at this period of time, which is the end of the void, or vacuum in the history of the Black Nation, in which Yakub's man has worked. Minister Farrakhan emerged twelve (12) years ago, at the end of a similar void, or vacuum. He is a great manifestation of Their love.

In the study guides, of Minister Farrakhan, is a light that illuminates our inner selves to ourselves in such a way that we can get ride of that which prevents us from living the life of God and seeing the hereafter. His study guides are part of the extraordinary divine grace and mercy that Allah has provided for us and others. Study them. If not, why not? Why not deepen yourself in the understanding of the man you oppose. I'll have more to say on his (our) study guides, which has to do with purifying our hearts, when you've finished your series. Meanwhile, only a hypocrite would reject them after reading them! God will bless the believers to be rid of this illness-hypocrisy!

You know, Brother, the Epistles of Paul, and the other letters of the New Testament, could not be understood by us prior to 1975, as they can now be understood since the Honorable Elijah Muhammad has departed, and taken his place on the right hand side of God. These study guides are similar ( but deeper) in their effect than those Epistles were on the early Christians. Perhaps, one day, you and I will be able to discuss this magnificent area of wisdom indepth—or to whatever depths we can go. Or perhaps, your ministers and Minister Farrakhan's ministers will sit and discuss these matters of tremendous significance for the welfare of our Nation. Or maybe you all will come to the Minister, as God order via the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Or maybe some of you will make that wise step.

So, now Brother Muhammad, let's go back to the aim of the wicked who reject, and worse, try to kill this man and what he represents. To try to do this is to reject, or to seek to kill, the essence of the life of God. It is to reject the root of the love of God. It is to reject the utmost wisdom that God has ever displayed. This is self-destruction of the worst sort. Is to jump off the roof from the only one Who can save you. That is the unpardonable sin, in short. Remember, Brother Silis Muhammad, the man you say you love—the Honorable Elijah Muhammad—said that the Brother you hate—Minister Louis Farrakhan—was more valuable to him than all the wealth that is on the earth. The wealth of the earth was here when he came and would be here when he was gone, he said. But through Minister Farrakhan he would be able to get all of his people. Yet you reject the Minister as unworthy of your support. And the way you are making this rejection known, puts you with the worst of the wicked. Your rejection is such that is show you are more concerned with your self than you are with the welfare of our poor people. I'll develop this next letter. I hope you, meanwhile, will re-think your position and come away from the fire you are about to fall into.

If you reject these arguments, well all I can say is that in any case, Allah always makes the best "use" of us all at every stage of our development. I am doing my best to help you.

Well, what does this have to do with our respective views of Aaron, the type, and Minister Farrakhan, the anti-type. (I covered, the meaning of types and anti-types in "Farrakhan: The Traveler").

I see Aaron's fall as that which God foreknew and planned for. He even participated in it. We know and agree that good advances and evil retards our spiritual and moral development. This is the general rule. However, there are acts, although having all of the appearances and feel of evil, that God permits, or allows differently from other acts He permits. These acts are not evil. In a few rare and exceptional instances, He permits, what seems, (by ordinary standards), evil, to facilitate His purpose. When He permits such acts it is due to exceptional instances, circumstances and/or objectives of great good and value. Even in such cases, He influences the outcome to serve His righteous purposes. When, further, He initiates such acts it is due to extra-exceptional instances, circumstances and/or objectives yielding even greater good. This connects to this extra grace I've mentioned above. It is beyond my aim, in this letter to get real deep into this. I do get into this in my book, "Farrakhan: God's Man On The Straight Path": Part II—not Part I.

I know, it seems as if I am saying that the greater the evil the greater the good. To think this is to manifest the satan of self. This is not what I'm saying. Nor do I think that we, as a people, have reached the position that we all can grasp this, just so, at present. I can, at least, by the wisdom Master Fard Muhammad revealed to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Louis Farrakhan prove the truth of what I've just written. This wisdom includes the six written lessons we were given by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

There is a principle in higher mathematics, some of which is involved in computers, that applies here. It goes like this: the more improbable an event the more information it yields. There is much in this, my Brother, that you have and are overlooking in the divine work of Minister Louis Farrakhan. What could have been more improbable, in the eyes of the majority of the people in this country and the world, than the rise to success of Minister Farrakhan, starting twelve (12) years ago this month, in rebuilding the Nation of Islam? Again, this question of improbability is more a state of mind.

Whether or not an event is improbable to us, is a matter of one's state of mind, and the quality and the depth or width of our knowledge, and, in some cases, power. What is impossible for one, is easy for another. What is possible for some is improbable for others.

There are many ways to come at this principle: the more improbable the event, the more information it yields. White folks point out that according to a law of nature (one of the laws of areodynamics) the bumble bee's wing span is too short for his body's weight. So, it is not supposed to be able to fly. Yet, it flies.

The simple reality is that this insect flies by an aspect of that law of which these scientists are ignorant. Just think, Brother Muhammad, the bumble bee flies. This insect flies in violation of their understanding of this law. This insect is, however, flying in accord with aspects of this law that is beyond (and in this sense, higher) than what they know; than what they see, or of which they are even aware.

So, as the scientists come to learn the "higher", or less ordinary aspect of this same natural law, the less improbable this insect's ability to fly will seem to them. In other words, the bee's activities makes sense as they gain more sense. Increased knowledge and understanding reduces the sense, view, and feeling of the improbable. Meantime, Allah created this bee. He never doubted that it could fly. And, it has always has, ever since He created it. (Smile)

The "Jews" condemned "Jesus" for violating certain laws of the sabbath. (In this they were like the Scientists of the previous paragraph). But, if their information was greater and their hearts were cleaner to receive truth, they would have seen Jesus as fulfilling, not violating, the law. It was written that the Jesus figure would fulfill higher aspects of the law. He did, and is. Jesus performed "miracles". Were they that? Or was he manifesting higher aspects of wisdom, law and power that his critics did not understand?

Brother, if you look back on the life, the work and successes of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, you'll see what most would call paradoxes. And, so it is in the course of the events that have taken place since his departure the last 14-plus years; and beyond. Here, indeed, divine patience (sabr) is required to understand and receive benefit.

In this connection, I'll here quote from a book a Brother gave me, that touches this point. It goes; "In his account of the ministry of Paul, Father Leon Dufour describes a paradox often found in the life of Jesus' disciples: that new life and possibilities arise, as God's gift, from amidst misfortunes and setbacks." (This is from a book titled, "Life and Death In The New Testament," and its subtitle is, "The Teachings of Jesus and Paul," by Xavier Leon-Dufour).

The Holy Qur'an teaches, "After difficulty comes ease." Another translation goes deeper. It reads, in effect, that right in the difficulty is the ease, or the way out. The question is, can we see it? Allah always provides the way to Him and success. But, Brother, will we take that way out to Allah? One writer puts it, in effect, this way, that in every difficulty, or seemingly impossible hardship, or situation, is the seed of the equivalent or superior benefit or condition in contrast to the bad condition the person(s) are/were in. However, we must make Allah's will our will. This is the key of or towards getting out of the bad and into the new. Submit and grow. If one rejects, when shown the way out, the person drops lower. This continues until they die a horrible, disgraceful and miserable death. Take the seed, or the way that Allah has provided, in your condition, regardless to what it may be. Come out of it into that which is better. Save yourself and others—by Allah's mercy.

What we (most) call paradoxes, puzzles, and the like, is not that to Allah. Do you agree with this? The wiser we become the less confusing things get.

So shall we do evil that good may come or prevail? No! I'm not saying that! Nor will I go further on that line, except that it introduces the following.

To bring about exceptionally new and good circumstances Almighty God, using His wisdom allows (or in certain instances) initiates acts, on the part of His servants, that seem to go contrary to conventional morality. You may try and make this to apply to yourself, to justify your present self concept. But that's delusion. And, Brother, you are making yourself an example of all who try to be big on the base of evil. The truth is that you are in clear violation of the most fundamental principles of belief. You've condemned Prophet Aaron as a hypocrite. And, worse, you've rejected Master Fard Muhammad and the Christ. So, it is logical that you would reject Minister Louis Farrakhan. So I guess you will use this letter to line your garbage pail. (Smile).

Now, the point made at the start of the previous paragraph is verified by what we can read in the Bible and Holy Qur'an, in the lives of the prophets and others. I'm not saying, Brother Silis Muhammad, that I know how all of these instances fit or are fulfilled in these our days. I do say, Brother, that I do know of instances, written of in the scriptures, fulfilled by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Louis Farrakhan, that have, or do appear to be other than what they really are. In the case of the latter, you see his fall, for instance, in 1975, as you do, and I don't agree with you. What is at the root of our opposite views of the same event? Let's look deeper.

Now, imagine a leader, who knows a follower of his is going to fall away from him. And this leader sees in this follower, that which will make the follower fall, under a set of circumstances that did not exist (at all, or only in part) at the time this leader saw what he did in his follower. He sees his servant getting into that which he won't be able to get himself out of. He knows, understands and moves that servant and knows the exceptional qualities of his servant. He also know the exceptional work this servant will do if this servant is redeemed.

He prays to the God for his servant. He prays for the recovery of his servant from his fall that he has not yet experienced; that has not yet happened.

The effect of his prayer is such that it sets in motion a reversal of the trends and conditions around (and the tendencies in his servant) that eventually results in the full recovery of this servant after his fall. Deeper, the effect of the prayer is that it is a major factor that actually begins the development of events that would reverse the factors in the servant and enable him to overcome those conditions (that had not yet occurred) around him, that contributed to his fall. The prayer is so powerful that it enables the servant not only to rise above those circumstances that contributed to his fall, but it shows others how to overcome the same; plus how to "use" these same circumstances, (divinely) to fulfill other aspects of God's will.

Here is a special leader and a special follower and special circumstances—all for special purposes and objectives. Is this mere theory? No! We can read of such occurrences—complex though they are—in the histories of Moses and Aaron, as well as Jesus and Peter/Paul, and these facts of scripture and history were signs of present day realities. Believe it or not, this has already been fulfilled or taken place in the lives of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Louis Farrakhan. I know that of which I'm writing and bearing witness is true. Read Luke 22:32. Part of this has been fulfilled and part is being fulfilled.

I know the mention of Jesus seems to depart from the Moses/Aaron issue we are dealing with. But, Brother, that is only an appearance. The reality is that although, in one way or another, in one aspect of their lives or another, all of the prophets of the Bible and Holy Qur'an are signs of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. He began to prepare his followers for future assignments. By future, I'm referring to the time period after his departure in 1975. He prepared for all you and I see (and don't see) that is going on now. And, he is involved, even as you read these words, in the guiding and in the outcome of all that is happening. He is very much alive, mentally and physically.

Now, there are certain incidents and larger events in the life of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, that involves others, that are prefigured in the lives—not only of those we read of in the Bible and Holy Qur'an, but also in the history of Muhammad. There are some aspects of the lives of some of the prophets that a few of the followers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad were to fulfill. These few were/are out from his heart and are part of his mission. They are fulfilling these things now, that he either did not fulfill, or that he touched, to serve as a pattern, or for the guidance of these followers and others through them.

I'm going over this, Brother, as you and I have touched these matters, off and on since the mid-60's. And we last took up such subject, in December 1976 and on a few times during 1977. I'm sorry we never went as deep as I wished. Nevertheless, I did share with you not just my convictions of Minister Louis Farrakhan, nine months before he rose to do as he has these past twelve (12) years, but the basis for it.

Moreover, I've learned much more since that week at your home, in December 1976. You might be surprised to learn of things said to Minister Louis Farrakhan, by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, that clearly establish that he was preparing his minister for a great and exceptional work, after his departure and after the Minister's fall. All that we've learned and all that has occurred in the last 12 years bears witness to the truth of the Minister that we discussed at your home, before he arose. You were told before, and warned since.

You know that we are all involved in the stupendous process of the re-creation of people and the entire universal order of creation—the time when God would come and make all things new. As you are now, you are refusing to come into the new.

In the wisdom Master Fard Muhammad revealed to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and in the nature of the changes He is bringing about everywhere on earth, it is clear that we all need to be humble students. We just need to do the best we can to learn what has been revealed, and act on it and help others to do the same. You want to be a great man. I would like to see you become a great man and benefactor of our people. However, you are going about it in the wrong way. Remember, the way or method you use to gain "position" is the way you'll seek to hold on to it. If we seek position with "hidden" wrong motives, or even gain such, with such evil still in us, we will continue to used evil—in one form or another—to hold it. It is wonderful, if we take stock of self in the midst of such course and change for the better. Well, Brother, this is based on a law of nature. You are manifesting the "negative" aspects of this law. Why not be yourself and let Allah guide you into your powers?

Can you say you have mastered what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught? I can't. I'm just a baby and I'm not being modest. And I'm a student. We are referred to as this by God.

You have always impressed me. I felt you would do work that would please the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. However, I honestly think you have yet to do that work.

I'll never forget how well you started off and handled the sales of the "Muhammad Speaks" in 1964, and onwards. Well, let me finish the above point, as far as I'm going and touch the return of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, who is very much alive. To me Minister Farrakhan was destined to become the most prominent follower of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. I felt this since the early 60's. I am convinced that he is pointed to under the histories (or types) of others than just Aaron. (We discussed this, and more in 1976—remember?) I shared with you what I saw in the Jewish holiday, Hanukkah—remember? Is there not a remarkable connection between that and the work of the Minister in lifting the name of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad?

You know Jesus prayed for Peter's rise and success before he fell. Again please read Luke 22:31 and 32. It's deep in the English. It gets deeper when you get into the Greek, of which the English is a translation.

So, just as measures (of which the word extraordinary is inadequate to describe), were divinely taken to produce, educate, train, guide and preserve Minister Louis Farrakhan, so was there a display of tremendous, yet subtle power, in the saving of the life of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and in his departure to and in his place of safety and then onto Master Fard Muhammad.

Yes, my Brother, he is very much alive. And I feel I owe it to you to offer this view, again, as we went over it over 12 plus years ago. Yes, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad did tell Minister Louis Farrakhan to take his place among the people and follow not the way of the mischief-makers as Aaron was told by Moses. Yes, he was overcome, as Aaron was.

Another, and others, destroyed the Nation of Islam, as Moses' work was done away with by others—other than by Aaron. However, Minister Louis Farrakhan arose and got on his post—just as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad knew and said he would—as Aaron recovered and stood with wisdom and courage among those people.

And, my Brother, as Aaron got on his post before Moses got back, Minister Farrakhan has gotten on his post and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is on his way back.

Brother, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad told me that if Allah had not showed him how he was going to escape, he would have no hope. He did escape the death plot and did not die a natural death. (He is alive physically and otherwise). He told me this in October 1967 to my face, here in Phoenix, Arizona. Do you think Master Fard Muhammad showed him a lie? I don't!

Dear Brother Muhammad, please look deep into this letter. This is from the same brother who sat for four hours and listened patiently and respectfully to your explanation of your position in December, 1977. Remember? In that conversation you claimed you were the man the 1/3 of the Holy Qur'an was given by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. I told you that was not so; and that 1/3rd was for Minister Louis Farrakhan. Remember? What has time and circumstance revealed? You were/are not who you think you are. You could be a great man, however, if you would let Allah make you great! I was respectful then. I'm the same now. Now, what am I respectful of and what does respect mean? I know what you are by nature—a god. That I respect. I reject your arrogance and your rejection of the Minister.

Don't you think twelve (12) years of the kind of work Minister Farrakhan has done constitutes repentance for his 30-month fall? Have you taken time to examine, in detail, what he has accomplished during this time period? Really, Brother, his work is astounding, by any standard. And look at those who oppose him-such as the U.S. government. Does he not have arrayed against him the same (kind) of foes that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad had against him? Look at the motives, the line of thought, the nature of the arguments that are used to try to discredit Minister Farrakhan. It's all there, Brother, in what we experienced on the other side of Calvary. You are on the wrong side of God, nature, and the forces that govern the historical process and mathematics.

Thank you for your point of view, even though I don't agree with it. Again, I reject the idea that you all believe that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is dead. Your National Spokesman's words, in his letter, "And in the memory of the ... Honorable Elijah Muhammad ...," indicates that you think he is dead. Not so! And the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said more to me, and certainly to others that he would live far beyond 1975. He may live to 120, or so, be it Allah's will. Allah would not deceive His Servant.

Please give the greetings to your wife and family.




Your Brother,




Jabril Muhammad



P.S. October 18, 1989. I've just re-read your book and a few of your newspapers. You are following the policy of the devils, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad warned us against; mixing up truth and falsehood, while you know. You were not the first to stand to rebuild the Nation of Islam. Minister Louis Farrakhan was. The proof is that you've rejected the foundation left by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

Since you mentioned the book that God guided me to write through the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, in the early 1970's, let's set the record straight. I gave you the entire manuscript that I later gave to Minister Farrakhan. I was not trying to prove that the Jesus of 2,000 years ago was/is the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. These are two separate men. However, I did quote the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as having said on many occasions that Isa (Jesus of 2,000 years ago)-refers to himself; about 75% does. Do you think he was wrong on this? Some of it refers to Master Fard Muhammad and others. Much of "the others" that I have in mind refers to Minister Louis Farrakhan, even though Master Fard Muhammad Himself began fulfilling some of it in the early '30's to set a pattern for the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

I am not going to try to correct all of the mis-statements in your book in this letter. I do say, however, that the earthquake that took place last night is a sign of a greater one to come. This will be in connection with the current crucifixion or persecution of Minister Louis Farrakhan, who represents the wisdom and grace of Almighty God through the Honorable Elijah Muhammad for Black, white and others, in this country ..., and elsewhere. Remember, Brother, false witnesses were produced to condemn the Jesus of the Gospels. But look, at when that earthquake occurred. It takes place immediately after Jesus gives up the ghost in Matthew 27:50 and 51. So the false accusers, from among those who claim to be Jesus' people, helped to crucify him. Read also, in Matthew 28, of the quake, as the stone over his tomb is removed.

I know, Brother Silis Muhammad, that, among the historical figures you feel point to you, is Joshua. Such Old Testament figures, as Joshua, in terms of their work (as, of course, was the case with all of the prophets), were signs that connect to the Jesus figure in the New Testament. Furthermore, their names (Joshua, and other similar names) are in Hebrew, what Jesus means in Greek. In the briefest way, these names carry the meaning of saviour and to save. I am sure you know that the name "Jesus" is the English form of the Greek name, which again in English carries the idea of saving and salvation. That is part of the meaning.

Brother Muhammad, your work does not correspond to their work and to the meanings of their names. Remember, to reject Prophet Aaron, as you have, is to reject the rest of them— Joshua—as well as Allah, Whom commissioned them (the prophets). Again, there is nothing in your present works that justifies your self-concept as a fulfiller of any of the signs left by the former prophets. Quite the contrary, you side with satan (for example) in resisting (or opposing) Joshua, in Zechariah 3:1. "And he shewed me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of the Lord, and Satan standing at his right

hand to resist him.

"And the Lord said unto Satan, The Lord rebuke thee, O Satan; even the Lord that hath chosen Jerusalem rebuke thee: is not this a brand plucked out of the fire?

"Now Joshua was clothed with filthy garments, and stood before the angel.

"And he answered and spake unto those that stood before him, saying, Take away the filthy garments from him. And unto him he said, Behold, I have caused thine iniquity to pass from thee..." And on it goes Brother. You can read the rest for yourself. The main point I want you to understand is that these few verses must be understood in the broader context of Zechariah's prophecy. And the broader context shows that this was a time of the rebuilding of their nation. And, that was a sign of the rebuilding effort going on now under the visible leadership of the Honorable Minister Farrakhan. I know there is a good chance that you will reject this letter and do as you did before, when you took the book that I gave you, that God and His Christ guided me to write, and you read yourself in words that applied to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and to Minister Louis Farrakhan. You may do with this letter and this passage that I have just made reference to. If you do, the Divine Law, that applies to us all, which says, in effect, that if we reject Divine Truth and Guidance, then our lives become worse, will work against you, sooner or later. In your case I am sorry to say it will probably be sooner. Of course, the reverse is true, that when we accept Divine Truth and Guidance, Allah will improve our condition.

If you continue as you are, within a short time your condition will become visibly worse; although for a moment you will continue to delude yourself. It is not enough for us to receive the truth, for the devils also receive the truth. But, we must also love the truth. It is this love (which is of God) that will enable the truth to energize us and empower us to walk in its light. It is the love in God and His true servants from which His truths come. If it is to go into our hearts, we must lovingly receive those truths. Again, if you continue to refuse to walk with your Brother, Minister Farrakhan, you will deepen your alignment with the devils, "... the accuser of our brethren... which accused them before our God day and night."

My Brother, (and you and I are that by nature) please read and understand the following verses from Revelation 12:7-13:

7) "And there was war in heaven; Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels.

8) "And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.

9) "And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world; he was cast out into the earth, and his angels cast out with him.

10) "And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.

11) "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

12) "Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.

13) "And when the dragon saw that he was cast unto the earth, he persecuted the woman which brought forth the man child."

Obviously, Brother, we are near the end of this WAR now. And we are at its most explosive point. And, whether you believe it or not, the visible leader, on God's side is the Honorable Louis Farrakhan, as you read in verse 7. Those who are with him are with the Two Who back him and are now and will continue into the immediate future fulfilling the words of verse 11. Finally, contrary to what you have publicly written and stated about yourself, you are not that man child in verse 13.

If you will only accept the real truth of and from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and our Brother, the Honorable Louis Farrakhan, and use the blessings that Allah has and would bestow upon you, as a consequence, you can become, in truth, a—not The—saviour of our beloved people.

For your sake, and for the sake of your followers, Brother, re-think your views, your perceptions and your position. Get on the right side of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad before that awful chastisement falls, that you be not of those who will seek to flee from him and the God Who is with him. (Revelation 6:12-17). The events that these verses point to are closer than most think.

If you come out with more slander against Minister Farrakhan, and insults against the wisdom and Persons of Master Fard Muhammad and His Christ, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, you can expect another letter from your brother—me.

I take the blame for any typing mistakes in this letter, or of any other kind. If there is any value in this letter for you, the credit, of course, belongs to Allah. I suppose you know that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad well pointed out that our every good thought we owe to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. So, I can't take credit for whatever is of value in this letter. Allah is due all praises.

Your brother,

Jabril Muhammad

JM/bx & lm
Finished 9/19/89