How To Eat To Live Book I - Table of Contents



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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Right Way to Eat Chapter 2: Vegetables Chapter 3: Food God Suggests Chapter 4: Why They Urge You to Eat the Swine Chapter 5: The Pig...Swine Chapter 6: Fasting Chapter 7: One Meal A Day Chapter 8: Beware of Starchy Foods and Sweets Chapter 9: How Allah's Way Prolongs Life Chapter 10: How To Keep Food from Hurting Us Chapter 11: The Proper Food and the Proper Time to Eat it Chapter 12: The Right Food and the Proper Time to Eat it is becoming a "MUST" Chapter 13: Fruit is digested better when eaten Raw Chapter 14: Overindulgence, The Enemy Chapter 15: Our Biggest Problem is Eating too Much and too Often Chapter 16: Why and How we Fast in December Chapter 17: The Food and It's Eater Chapter 18: Food Can be Life or Death Chapter 19: How to Live More than 100 Years Chapter 20: Proper Food for Body and Mind Equals Good Health Chapter 21: The Benefits of Eating Once a Day Chapter 22: A List of Foods We Must Not Eat Chapter 23: You Don't Need Numerous Diets; Just Eat Once Daily Chapter 24: Feeding Babies Chapter 25: Meat, Part 1 Chapter 26: Know the Truth About the Flesh of The Swine Chapter 27: Live a Thousand Years Chapter 28: Train Yourself to Eat as Allah has Prescribed Chapter 29: "The Death Way" Chapter 30: Do Not Take Birth Control Pills Chapter 31: Food and Health Chapter 32: Foods to Avoid Chapter 33: The Safest Way to Eat Chapter 34: The Poisonous Animal Eater Chapter 35: Beautiful Appearance and Long Life Chapter 36: Divinely Prohibited Flesh Chapter 37: Poisonous Food and Water Chapter 38: Bad Food Causes Us to Look Old Chapter 39: Little Pure Food on Market Chapter 40: God of Right Prescribes Best Foods