The Flag of Islam

Chapter - The Star - The Justice


Allah (God) placed on our Flag the STAR which signifies JUSTICE. As it is in the Universe the physical STAR, or STARS, justifies the work of the Creator - as the SUN and her family of planets.

These STARS that we see in the distance, they seemingly are without end or calculations. All measurements justifies the center here of life (in the circle of the SUN). As the space is filled with STARS for as far as our eyes, or artificial eyes (telescopes), can see. We are unable to see out of the sphere of our space of STARS.

The STARS justifies the creation of Allah (God) and regardless to how brilliant their light may be; when we are in the sunlight the light of the STARS become an inferior light. In the sunlight we are unable to see the star-light.

Scientists have proven that STARS, like the SUN, are balls of fire therefore no life exists on STARS or in the STARS. It is their purpose to serve as balls of light like the SUN. But, STARS have no life on them. Stars have no vitamins in them that we can rely on. And yet, the STARS justify the Great Master mind or the Creator of them. And they are used to justify the spiritual people and the spiritual teachings of the Divine Creator.

The STARS are witness bearers. Every believer in Allah (God) is like the STARS of the heavens above us. The believers bears witness to his Creator, that He is God, the Supreme Being over all. And since we belong to the Creator of Heaven and Earth we are justified by the Creator as being His people. We, the Black people in America have been lost among a non -member of people of Divine. Therefore the Divine Supreme Being Himself seeks His Own. We are Divine people by virtue of our creation. White people are not Divine. After the making of this people the white race is always referred to as the devil due to the wickedness of the people. They are the first people in our universe ever to be called by the name, devil. Devil means a totally wicked people and the father of wickedness.

We, the Black people, are the people out of which Yakub, the father of the white race was born. Yakub was the same as we, until he entertained the idea of making an enemy for us. Yakub himself was not an enemy but his wisdom, knowledge and know-how, to make an enemy for us caused him to be classified then as being a chief devil or enemy of the righteous.

There are many signs that we use today to represent ourselves as being justified for something. Most times, it is the STAR that we make as an emblem to represent ourselves as being justified or authorized by the Department of Justice to do such and such thing. Note back years ago, the white race used to use the six-point star to justify themselves as being the legal authority to do certain official work. But now today, the white race wears a five-point star which means that he is no longer living in his independent six star which justifies his six thousand (6,000) years of authority and rule over us. Now the white man wears a five point star which is our sign for he is now living under our sign and in our day of rule and authority. We are justified by justice to take over their rule. The five-point star is basically recognized regardless to what company he may enter. Of course there are STARS with many points there are STARS with seven (7), eight (8), sixteen (16) points, and so forth. When we add more points to the star, we add more power and authority to that particular emblem. It becomes an emblem to represent the person or that body of authority in which he is a member.

So Allah (God) has added this sign (the STAR) to our Flag that we are also justified to have and to exercise the freedom and the Equality as any independent nation has had to enjoy Freedom Equality and Justice among the nations of the Earth.

Meanwhile, we are imprisoned from Freedom of the SUN and Equality of the MOON and Justice of the STAR by the enemy of the Creator the white race. So let us all unite and rise up and accept our Flag which represents the whole entire creation of God.

No, brother, it does not mean that everybody owns this. Everybody may be living under it, but we are the real owners of the SUN, MOON and STARS. This is what we have been lost to the knowledge of. I should give you the words of our little song which we sing in honor to our emblem, THE FLAG OF ISLAM. It goes something like this:

"We are fighting for Islam, and we will surely win. Allah has given to us a National, THE SUN, THE MOON AND THE STAR.

"So let us rise Oh, ye Black man, and fight for your own National Emblem, THE SUN, THE MOON and THE STAR."

Allah (God) in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad to Whom Praises are due forever, said to me that the Earth belongs to us (the Black man) and whatever is around it and on it and in it. Praises are due to Him forever for bringing to us again, ourself and our property - the Universe of SUN, MOON and STARS.

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